Second Thoughts on my new 05 Sky Blue City...

  1. Thinking I might not keep the Sky Blue City I just won :confused1:

    It is really beautiful, but I just bought a Blueberry City and after having both, I just don't think I need two Blues and I really STILL want a White City and unfortunately just can't afford ALL of them :crybaby: wahhhh!!!

    If it doesn't sell now, do you think closer to Christmas is good or should I wait til Spring???
  2. Hi queenvictoria- I think you can still sell it if you try :yes: or may be the best time would be before Spring colors coming out. Good luck! :flowers:
  3. hey ya
    if you're having doubts then sell the one that you don't love! I reckon SKY BLUE is a beautiful colour and its an 05 colour - the leather is AMAZING! hehehe, blue is my fav colour therefore I'd have ALL the blue bags! hehehehe! Good luck on what you decide to do! :smile:
  4. If it's in good condition, I don't see you having any problems in selling it! I too would keep the older leather though! But you should keep your fav!
  5. keep it for some times & take the bag for a few day out. if you still don't like it. then maybe you have to sell it :P
  6. The leather on the 05 is amazing! it is super thick, soft and smooshy! I really LIKE it but I just don't "LOVE" the color like I do the Blueberry... I guess in order to keep my collection at a justifiable level :rolleyes: I think I need to LOVE the bags I keep, ya know?
    I tried the purse ban thing and it just didn't work out for me - LOL! :P
  7. I think the worst time to try to sell a bag is when the new colors come out. I would try to sell it immediately. You are absolutely correct, if you do not completely love it, sell it. It also sounds like you have found your perfect blue already! You can earmark the proceeds from the sale for your white city! Good luck!
  8. Why is it that every time I see a PICTURE of a Sky Blue bag I LOVE it and then I go get my bag out and it looks so blah on ME ???

    maybe I need a tan ... :upsidedown:
  9. OMG, keep it! I ADORE the sky city!!!!!!!!
  10. i think loren was thinking about one, try PMing her?
  11. If you don't love it, sell it. I adore my blueberry city and I think it'll be better choice in the long run. The handles won't look dingy and the darker color wears better, IMO.

  12. is that her ID on here??