Second Thoughts on Accesories Pouch

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  1. Hello lovely everyone,

    I have a question. I bought the large 26 accessories pouch for $315.00 a day ago and am having second thoughts. Should I have just bought a speedy or NF or another slg? Any advice or suggestions? Thank you so much!:biggrin:
  2. i don't have one but i always thought they seemed like a good idea, unless you really need the money for a bag.
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    I don't really want a bag in particular, but any suggestions that you have on better use of money on another LV item etc would be great!
  4. Depends if you are going to use it often.
  5. Honestly, some SLGs I don't find to be all that worth it. The accessories pouch is one of them.. I'd rather get a pochette, as it has a strap, so I can use it as a small purse as well as a make up bag. This could be why I don't have any stand alone poche accessories, and 4 pochettes.. :graucho:
  6. I personally am not a fan of the accessories pouch. I do have the mono cosmetics pouch, which I love. What reasons did you buy it for?
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    I'm having the same troubles as you in a way. This is on my wishlist and will probably get this as my next purchase... but I keep going back and forth. I was actually just looking at some Gucci cosmetic bags and they are about 1/2 the price, but I don't have anything Gucci, so I don't think it'd be worth it. Though I keep coming back to is a $315 cosmetic case worth it? I love LV, but I know I'm just going to be tearing this up with stains and such. I'm also thinking I really won't use it much - mostly when I travel so there again $315 just seems like a bit much. So I guess today I'm leaning more toward no... but ask again tomorrow and I'll tell you I bought one and can't live without it. :smile: LOL

    So to sum up, I'm of no help! Sorry! :P

    PS I might try to hold off until April when the new colors of insolite wallets come out. They are $295 I believe and seem a bit more practical than the cosmetic pouches.
  8. I really appreciate the response...what would you get instead? Thank you!:biggrin:
  9. Sorry, I edited, don't know if you saw:
    PS I might try to hold off until April when the new colors of insolite wallets come out. They are $295 I believe and seem a bit more practical than the cosmetic pouches.

    I was also going to say I might just wait a little extra and get a speedy 25.
  10. Thanks, I have the same feeling. :biggrin:
  11. I think a speedy or a NF will be a lot more useful.
  12. I just bought the toiletries pouch 19 and I love it. Before I had 2 cosmetic pouches (non-LV) and it was annoying to remember what I put in each pouch--I was constantly digging around for my makeup! So I think the LV cosmetic pouch is really worth it. Plus, I think their canvas material is AMAZING. It seems like it lasts forever, so I know I won't need to buy any more cosmetic pouches ever again. If you really want a bag, get one, but I think the cosmetic pouches are more than worth it. Plus, you are probably more likely to get bored of using the same purse, and are going to want more, so I think you should stick with what you bought :smile:
  13. I like the PT 19 better as a cosmetic pouch in my bag. The PT 26 is a great travel cosmetics bag.
  14. Excellent thanks!
  15. I think its a personal choice. Sure you could get a bag for a bit more, but if you want the acc. pouch and not a bag, then why get a bag?

    What do you really want? Do you like the acc. pouch and just feel guilty b/c its a bit expensive for a small acc. or do you really just not like it that much, regardless of price?

    If you don't like it, you should return.