second thoughts about my whiskey pocket!

  1. i ordered my whiskey pocket last sat from has yet to arrive but im having some second thoughts about the color right now...:sad2:

    i havent reallie seen a whiskey up close in person, and sometime they look so beautiful in pictures while other times i dont find them that nice.

    whiskey owners - would you say the color is more of a reddish/brown or a orangish brown...

    arg i dont like this!!! :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: maybe i should go bak to the ivory...but i would hate myself if i got it dirty!!!
  2. Wait until you get it and see how you feel about it then. I've seen one but that was a while ago, so I'm not very sure about the nuance in color. I remember thinking that it was a neutral color and very pretty. I woud prefer it to the ivory as I think the ivory would tend to be more seasonal, not to mention way more sensitive. I can see the whiskey color carrying you over from winter to spring to summer to fall very nicely! Best wishes!
  3. It's more orange than reddish. Here's the thing about Whiskey. I got two satchels to compare. The one I kept had squishy, pebbled leather and the color was very saturated and deep. The second bag had thicker, stiffer leather and the color was not as deep - like the color didn't penetrate the leather as well. This was much more apparant in natural light than in the house or office.
  4. Definitely orangeish- brown but not too much so. It really is a gorgeous color. Okay, I will say that I prefer the Edith Whiskey over the Paddy Whiskey (I posted them side-by-side in the "Documenting Chloe Colors" thread) but I have adored the Paddy color for a while now.

    You can always return it if you don't like it.
  5. orange.
  6. I have avoided the whiskey for the same reason...that it looks orange to me (and I had the whiskey Edith on the way at the time). I love the blanc color, though, and I think it is deep enough to wear year round. There is a post right now discussing how hard/easy it is to keep clean if you want to check that out. I don't think it will be a big issue.
  7. Daisy's pic is a really good reference, although you'll know it when you see your pocket it if it works for you. Personally I also had a whiskey paddy and while I loooooved the leather, I found it a bit too orange-y, and returned. I now have the whiskey Edith and it is much redder than the whiskey paddy (but leather isn't as soft). Who knows, the 'whiskey' on the pocket paddy may be something entirely different. Don't sweat it now - enjoy the moment!
  8. I dont own one but I have seen them in person, they look more orange to me.
  9. If it's the pocket, SoCal posted some photos of her whiskey pocket. It looked really nice! Do a search, they are around here somewhere!
  10. I actually got to see one of these in real life. It is more orange toned but it's weird because its not a traditional orange. Its hard to explain. If I was a brown shade lover I would have gotten it. It was very nice and a nice alternative to the traditional colored brown bags.
  11. hey ya
    i totally love the whiskey and i totally agree - the colour can be carried over all seasons - i think it looks more orange but its amazing. good luck on what you decide! :smile:
  12. The whiskey in the Paddy is on the orange side of brown. It is beautiful and goes so well with kaki, greys, white/cream, black, dark browns & blue jeans. It is a year round color. My DH (who normally does not like my purses) actually likes the Paddy style and likes the whiskey color best of my Paddies (I've rouge, blanc, whiskey, chocolate in the satchel & black in the 1-pocket). I love my blanc as well and I would say it too is a year round color because it is a nice deep creamy color. You have a tough choice to make because both are beautiful.
  13. what to do what to do - i guess i will have to wait and see what happens when i open up the box!!! would you guys say that SoCal's posting on the whiskey pocket is an accurate depiction of the color?

    some of the pics make it look redder/brighter (im guessing with the flash). any idea which one is the closest one? thanks!!