Second thoughts about a new purchase...

  1. My first post! Sorry - it's long!

    After drooling over LVs for the past few years, I finally bit the bullet and bought the mono Deauville in Feb (just before they raised the prices!), and I absolutely love it! The vachetta has a great patina, and I love how the bag has 'softened' - it seemed really stiff and big before, but it's broken in now. The only drawback that I didnt' realize before I bought it is its weight - love the wipeable lining, but I the bag is on the heavy side even with nothing in it.

    I was in NYC over Labor Day weekend, and naturally brought along my Deauville. Three full days later, my shoulder was KILLING me. I chalked it up to my bag, along with the fact that I had been carrying around an umbrella and a guide book, only making it even heavier.

    So, I started to browse for a shoulder bag - I've spoiled myself now, so only LV will do. ;)

    I considered the Cabas Piano and Vavin PM, and on a whim ended up purchasing a Vavin PM in really good condition from eBay - a myPoupette recommended seller. I received it and I like it, but I'm wondering if I didn't fully consider my options before buying. I guess the Vavin is fairly common (is it?), and I tend to like things that are less common (like the Deauville).

    Since them, the Damier Saleya, the Vernis Houston and the Croissant GM (from another thread) has caught my eye... I've also been toying with the idea of a Mandarin Epi Speedy, but I know they're limited and it's not a shoulder bag :smile: )

    What do you say? Should I hang on to my Vavin or try to sell it and keep looking around? I don't even know if I can cover my costs for the Vavin... would love your opinion!
  2. The Vernis Houston is one of my favorite bags, I just love that one out of the bags you mentioned.

    Are you keeping the Deauville? It is such a nice bag, and as you said, one that you don't see coming and going. Sorry to hear it's so heavy.
  3. I actually don't think the vavin is that common.....
  4. Even though the Saleya MM and the Vernis Houston are listed as "shoulder bags" by LV, IMO they're really tote bags...not always the most comfortable on the shoulder. The Croissant GM is not as common on eBay as the other two sizes of Croissant and is going for some fairly high prices, I think.
    What about one of the Musette bags?
  5. ^^^ ITA, the Houston is not really a shoulder bag, and having leather lining, it is not really "light" either.
  6. The Vavin isn't as common as the cabas piano, IMHO. It's a very nice looking bag too. I would go to the Vuitton store to give the bags another run, I also really like the Batignolles Vertical and the Popincourt Haut for shoulder bags, and I always overload my bags without having a world of shoulder pain.

    Anyways, hope this helps in your quest. ;)
  7. Let me start by saying that I love LV and I have several of them. My one complaint about them is that all of mine are heavy. My Triana actually made a dip in the muscle of my left shoulder. I quit carrying it every day and it went away. For long shopping trips, etc. I like Balenciaga because they are light as a feather, yet very roomy.
  8. well, if you don't love something, don't keep it- if you list it on ebay be sure to mention that you bought it from an MPRS in the subtitle. But if the only reason you're having second thoughts is because of it's popularity I don't think you'll have a problem- they're really not as common as amost LV bags (i.e. Cabas Piano).

    As far as the other bags you mentioned, the Saleya has rolled handles (similar to your Deauville's, which are generally less comfortable on the shoulder) and the Croissant GM is discontinued, so you'll have to look on ebay to find one. Good luck!
  9. Have you considered the Popincourt Haut? It is truly a shoulder bag and is quite light. I like it as well because the zip-top makes it quite secure.

    As much as I like the Deauville, it is not a handbag, but more of a travel tote. Good luck with your decision!
  10. I also do not like the more common LV's - I sold a brand new mono speedy I had never worn because I never wanted to carry it - I just bought a Damier alma WITH the extra shoulder strap, which btw is designed to be worn ACROSS the body - It looks and feels wonderful and I feel like I have something very special, an iconic LV with a twist.
  11. Yup, I'm totally keeping my Deauville - I love it (just not for days when I know I'll do a lot of walking/traveling, I guess). I currently use it as a workbag, and I love how it looks with my wool coat!

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions... I'm just really confused right now, not sure what to do or what I want.

    I did use the Vavin yesterday though, and it was alright... I like the organizer pockets inside, but I realized that when it was on my shoulder, I kept pushing it way back so that the bag was completely behind my the back of my arm. Does that make sense? I can tell if I keep doing that, it'll cause the corner to "crease"... although I do like the fact that the handles are long enough to wear it on the shoulder YET it's not too long that it drags on the floor if I carry it on my arm. Sigh. I'm talking in circles.

    And for those who agreed with me that the Deauville wasn't very common, and also for those who said the Vavin wasn't common either - I saw BOTH the Deauville and the Vavin being carried at the mall yesterday! LOL! Maybe it's a sign...
  12. SuzyZ - do you have a picture of the damier alma with the cross-body strap? I'd be interested to see it!