Second Shipment...

  1. Finally! The day after the public holidays...Got three packages of 'stuff':graucho:

    I know how much you guys *love* the guessing game (not:P ), so I'm going to be nice and not be a tease...

    First up, Red Epi cles, to go with my Red Buci
    epiredcles.jpg redepiclesnbuci.jpg
  2. Wow~~Love the RED!!! Congrats, misty!!
  3. Sooo cute! I love that red! It's hot!
  4. hot..
  5. Lilac Epi wallet to go with my Lilac Saint Tropez...
    lilacepiwallet.jpg lilacepiwallet2.jpg
  6. I love that bag!! Never seen it before irl. Love everything you got, gongrats!
  7. lol sorry uploading photos onto photobucket at the same time as posting so a little slow:P
  8. Mini Mono PTI in Blue
  9. Thx bb10lue!! The Azur speedy looks HOT on you:graucho:
  10. :nuts: Congrats!!!!! Lovely wallets..I'm so jealous:hysteric: hehee ENJOY!!!!:heart:
  11. Mono Mini HL with straps...
  12. :wtf: Another one???? Anymore??? Hehehe congrats !!!:yahoo:
  13. Last but not least...

    Hang on, I feel like I'm being too nice :lol:

    So...back to the teaser...You can tell me what this is:upsidedown: ;)
  14. damier speedy 25 =] or it might be an epi alma... maybe.
  15. WOW_ Awesome haul!!
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