Second Reveal

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  1. Whos up for a Second Reveal just arrived :smile:
  2. Me!!! :wave: Ooooh. A night of reveals. How exciting!! :woohoo:
  3. Lovetooshop, she's gorgeous! What an amazing colour. And I love an SBS. She'll be a fabulous way to brighten up an outfit! Enjoy!!
  4. Thank you she certainly is a pop of colour :smile:
  5. Gorgeous!
  6. Stunning bag...congratulations! A colour to make you smile....:biggrin:
  7. Hey

    She's beautiful! The leather is really lovely- I saw her at Bicester last wk. did I miss the reveal for the pheasant green SBS??
  8. Thanks New2mulbs it is a lovely colour. I do love the SBS :smile:

    Pheasant green went back within 24hours didnt like the heritage style at all.
  9. Thanks Sue :smile:

    You were right on the colour Mooshooshoo a real stunner this one will stand out in a crowd. :smile:
  10. Teeheeheehee
    You're worse than me for buying/returning bags!

  11. Oh wow I sure love this one. Congrats & enjoy! :smile:
  12. Can I ask how thick does the leather feel? I am really tempted by this. Are you able to share any more pics? :smile:
  13. Becca I will do later only received a little while ago and have to dash on school run