Second piece of Chanel

  1. I just started to be a fan of Chanel. I got the black vinyl coco cabas few weeks ago and from then on I started to think of my second Chanel. I tried not to spend more than $2000. Any suggestions ladies?? ;)

    p.s. if you can share a pic that will be great! Thanks!!
  2. What else do you have? {other designer-wise}
    What are your preferences? handbags or shoulder bags?
    ANy colors you need to add?
    Do you like funky or more classic?
  3. answering swanky's Q's would give us great help in suggesting ..

    in general i'll suggest a classic flap
  4. i would suggest a vintage ligne tote... just because I am dying for one :p
  5. I have some LVs like mono speedy 25, viva cite PM, pochette bosphore, damier papillon 26, ribera mini, musette, a few from monogram mini, MC and vernis. (I used to be a fan of LV)

    I prefer a shoulder bag as I have quite a few of handbags.

    I do not have preference on colors, as long as it's nice...and I think I want a classic one...just to be more conservative...:p
  6. You can never go wrong with the classic flap in any one of those delicious colors! I have my eye on the jumbo teal caviar lately. :love:
  7. ^ I agree - every bag lover needs a classic flap!!!!!!!
  8. Not everyone needs a Classic Flap ;)
    I may never own one because I'm more of a tote kinda gal:yes:
    If you like the Flap, by all means get one! It IS the epitome of chanel, a true iconic bag.
    But if you aren't a Flap kinda girl, check out the Grand or Petit Shopping Totes or maybe something from the Luxe Ligne:heart:
    Have you perused our Reference Library? It's pretty fabulous!
  9. Just check out the Chanel reference library....I kinda like the classic east west and cambon the classic east west really small? For cambon tote, do they have new colors every year? I am 5'2", which size is better for me?
  10. Yes, the Classic Flap in E/W shape is very small.
    No, the Cambon Ligne donesn't have new ones every year, in fact, it seems as though as they're phasing them out.
    Right now most available is black on black and beige on beige.
    I'd still really like a black on black large Cambon Tote.
  11. Ooh I just love the classic flap!
  12. What color do you think? For classic classic you could go with black lambskin and gold hardware - or do you want more fun and edgy? There are tons are colors
  13. classic flap for sure