Second Offer II

  1. Okay okay I asked one of the mods to kill my other thread because at the time it was just too much.

    Thanks to everyone who messaged me afterwards, I really appreciate it. :flowers:

    Anyways, after finding out that she was no longer a registered user, I contacted eBay immediately and opened an "Item Not Received" I contacted the seller by sending her the same email to three different email address she gave me (her Paypal payment, her husband's email and her own) and after I finished my last class, I got this response:

    Don't you dare accuse me before u talk to me. You don't even know the reason I'm not on ebay anymore. So let me fill you in before u get all in a bunch about it.
    I didn't freakin scam you. Acutally I left last night at around 5pm to go to the race track today. I had my niece answer some emails and I told her if any ony sent me an email about the lv sandals to tell them I still have them she must have gotten confused an just saw lv and said yes. I don't even know exactly what she sent.
    The reason why I am suspended on ebay (and you can even ask them) is because I have the same address as someone in my family got suspended and they suspend everyone related to that account. One of my brothers or sisters prolly just didn't pay for a bunch of stuff. I was still planning on sending ur items out. I was at the track all day today so I didn't get to the post office. If you still want them I will send them out tomorrow if I'm up early enough. Or monday. I will send you the tracking number but once I give u the number and you check it on the computer you HAVE to take the hold off my account.

    Sooooo anyways, although this is not very assuring, I found that it was comforting that AT LEAST she still made the effort to reply to my emails. Ok, I'll take her excuse for the race track now, b/c she did mention that she may not be able to ship the stuff today, and she'll either do it Friday or Monday.

    My hopes are not up high for this, and I'm still ready to contact my credit card company any time between now and my statement due date in November...but the PayPal dispute closes October 26, so I have now until then to figure things out.

    Thanks for all of your support guys, I really really appreciate everyone's support during these two...stressful...yet unusually exciting days! LOL. No I'm not excited or happy...just a tiny tiny bit relieved...things COULD turn out well, or they cannot. Oh well, whatever, I got a gigantic tip from a customer today and I can pay everything off so worst case scenario my credit card company won't cover it...I have no problem paying it off!! I made a stupid mistake and this will be one expensive lesson!!
  2. Oh God No, I hope this turns out OK for your sake Karman. I know you want those pouchettes. Wow such drama. This lady (the seller) just doesn't seem wrapped to tight:confused1:
  3. OMG I think she asked her familly to bid on her items to "Shill Bidding" that why she became Non A Registred User!
  4. She sounds like an awful person - I'm so sorry this happened to you! The tone of her e-mail doesn't make me feel any better either. Can you cancel now with your credit card company or do you have to wait? Gosh - shill bidding, bidding on fakes, giving positive feedback for the same pochette supposedly sold already, stiletto's and the race track (all when someone was laid off and they needed money) and then for her to be nasty in her e-mail for you being upset at her no longer being a registered e-mail (when that's totally understandable and if he was really on the up and up she would be apologetic)- and what does she mean by the hold you have on her account? Putting in an item not received - does that put a hold on someone's account? I didn't think it did unless there was another dispute and paypal did a chargeback or something - which wouldn't cause a hold. It almost seems like in one sentence she is saying someone in her family didn't pay for stuff (I think that is the shill bidding) but then at the end it sounds like she is accusing you. She sounds like a nut.

    I'm SO sorry - do you think you'll be able to get your money back?
  5. I hope it turns out OK for you......:beach:

    I was once suspended on ebay, due to some problems with my bank...blah blah blah...and they put my account on hold for a month before reinstate it. I HATE ebay:dots: !!!
  6. I hope it turns out okay for you. It sounds like she is not a reliable person. It appears that the track is more important than full-filling her duties and responsibilities. Just my opinion.
  7. I hope everything works out and I'm sorry that you're having to deal with this. She sounds like she's very immature.
  8. OMG Karmen...That woman is a nasty piece of work !.
    I hope you get the pochettes and they are authentic and I hope it all works out ok for you ! :flowers:
  9. I hope she gives them to you,or atleast she gives you your money back!.
  10. I think I would just call up my credit card company cancel the transaction and tell the seller- dont bother... Seems like it has caused you so much stress already that I hope if it works out for you that you can enjoy what you purchased... Thinking good thoughts for you...
  11. I still find it funny that she's selling this stuff so cheap because she needs money for her b/f's birthday but is going to a race.. Hmmmm
  12. I guess at this point, all you can really do is HOPE FOR THE BEST! That's what I'm hoping for you. Good Luck and let us know how it all turns out! :yes:
  13. Huh..That's what I thought..

    I really hope you will receive authentic items..the whole things is just too shady for me..

    keep my fingers crossed for you..good luck..
  14. Oh gosh she´s a bluffer.. There is no niece no nothing I assume.. Hopefully you´ll get this dealt with.
  15. I think it's good that she emailed you to tell you what's going on.. Keepin fingers crossed for you!!! I hope you score on this out of the world deal! :flowers: