Second LV... Which one do I choose? Help!

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  1. I am about to buy my second LV (my first is a Pochette Accessoires :heart:, I know baby bag but I LOOOOVE it... baby steps to this addiction I think) and I can't decide which to get...

    I am stuck between Speedy 25 (either mono, damier ebene or azur), Neverfull PM (monogram), Tivoli PM, or Montorgueil PM.

    I am a small girl, and I want this bag to be something I can use every single day for any occasion. I absolutely LOVE the Speedy Azur, but I plan on not buying another bag for fall since I am a student and need to be saving :smile: I carry A LOT of things, but I don't want something too bulky. I love all the bags and I just can't decide!


    Thanks! :biggrin:
  2. speedy mono is good for's classic!
  3. since you are a student I think you will get more use of a neverfull PM.
  4. Neverfull GM! I have this bag and I love it. I'm planning to get the speedy mono 35 :biggrin:
  5. a tivoli pm
  6. Thanks everyone!! It's such a hard decision, they're all so gorgeous in their own ways!
  7. mono speedy!! you're right, they are all gorgeous. so hard to choose just one :nuts:
  8. I'd say go for the Speedy in azur, NF pm is way too small!
  9. speedy 25
  10. if you have to carry lots of things, i guess you should buy a Neverfull. It can hold a lot, but you will have to get at least MM or Gm size. Pm is way too small. The second choice will be Monty PM, I tried that in a store and it's very light.

    I have Tivoli Pm which is cute, but can't put much inside and it's quite heavy. Hope it helps!
  11. Love you guys for all the input... So I think I'm going to go with a Monogram speedy.... but now I'm nervous a 25 will be too small. Do you think on my 5'2 110lb frame a 30 would look too big?
  12. Speedy. Since you want it for different ocasions. I feel a speedy could be dressed up or down. Get the Azur if it is what you LOVE!!!!!
  13. Speedy!!
  14. First choice: Tivoli - I just LVoe the structure!
    Second: Damier Ebene Speedy - There's just something so regal about it.

    Have fun choosing! :biggrin:
  15. Since you have decided to go with a mono speedy (which is an awesome choice btw!), I would go for the 30, especially if you carry lots of stuff. I've read a lot of posts from small women that carry speedies in a size 30, so I think you should be fine! If you get a chance to try them on, that would be the best, but if not, I think you should be fine with the 30. Good luck with your decision!