Second LV: Tivoli or Damier Trevi? Help please

  1. Hi everyone
    I can't seem to decide which one I want to get, Mono Tivoli or Damier Trevi GM,
    This will be my second LV bag and still very important to me, even more than the
    first one, was a Mono Alma, I never liked a Damier line before but like others
    this New Trevi has something unique but the Mono Tivoli looks gorgeous on a
    picture, I'm a big girl and have a 2 years old boy, I need a big bag who I can put
    a lot of stuff. I'm just 28 years old and I think the Damier look more oldier than Mono.
    I hope someone can help me please, I cannot sleep anymore.
  2. I would say just wait a bit until the tivoli is out- and then compare. The Trevi is in damier which is more carefree but I agree, the Tivoli looks very nice and if you are not worrying about the vachetta it could be great. I think a lot of people are waiting for the Tivoli, me included...
  3. Thanks Londonholly for your opinion, I already put both of the bags at
    waitlisting, but I want to be there at same time they call me about Tivoli.
    I hope I can decide on a better one. I will tell you later.
  4. Hmm, I would definitely wait for the Tivoli and then check both out. Personally though, I prefer the Tivoli...the Trevi looks a little too structured for me. Good luck! They're both great bags!
  5. Capassarelli, you and I think alike!!! I am planning a second LV myself, and am considering the tivoli or the trevi:wlae:. The shapes are modern and fun! My first LV purchase was a damier speedy 25. I'm acutally leaning toward the tivoli, but will have to wait to touch and feel and model. Do you know when they are expected to arrive at the stores?
  6. I would wait for the Tivoli so you can compare. For some reason the trevi looks too much like a Marry Poppins bag to me. But if you love it maybe you should go with the Trevi to add variety to your collection. One for nice weather days (mono) and one for rainy days (damier)
  7. with children I would opt for issues with vachette and looks chic...not old
  8. Both are great bags but I would wait for the Tivoli!
  9. Thanks a lot TPFers, you are really nice friends! I will be waiting
    for the Tivoli and check that in IRL next month.:wlae:

    VivaNYC - I'm glad I found somebody at same situation, How hard is it
    to choose one bag, all LV are so gorgeous, They just make hard for us.
    The release date is November 1st, I checked at 866 and with my SA here
    in Switzerland. I will be there next day in the morning. Good Lucky for you too!
    Tell me later which one you will pick.:tup:
  10. going strictly by functionality, i think the tivoli has a wider opening. but the size i think is slightly different. i believe the trevi gm may have more space.

    but i agree with everyone else in waiting to see the tivoli. the trevi isn't going anywhere anytime soon, so you have some time to make a decision :smile: good luck!
  11. I'd say wait for the tivoli as well ... it's always easier to make a decission when both items are in front of you. Good luck and post pics of which you decide on.
  12. tivoli. thats what im getting. lol
  13. Both are beautiful!! Wait for the Tivoli to come out and then compare!
  14. Yep right! Wait and compare IRL! :okay:2wks more to go!
  15. Go for the Tivoli! Such a beautiful bag! I'm gonna grab one!