Second LV in a week!

  1. So about a week ago I bought the Azur Speedy 25

    and then yesterday I got my annual bonus from work so I thought I would buy a new bag to celebrate!
    At first I really wanted to get the new Prada striped hobo but they didn't have the colours I liked and it was really small and a bit pricey so I headed over to LV and saw the Batignolles Horizontal which I have wanted ever since I started collecing LV. Perfect timing! I tried it on and right away I said to the SA "I'll take it!"

    The only downside is that since I went to all the boutiques on Bloor St. there are now a lot more bags I want! But I have decided to start saving for a Chanel classic flap in lambskin which is just a lovely bag.

    Anyway here are pics and a modeling pic for you guys!
    LV1.jpg LV2.jpg LV3.jpg LV7.jpg LV6.jpg
  2. congrats and u r so lucky to get 2 bags...:tup::p
  3. Good choice! It's the perfect size for an everyday bag! :yes:
  4. You got 2 great bags in less than a month!!! I am so jealous!!!!!! Is the bag cofortable on the shoulder. I have been considering the BV but it seems the BH is the most popular on the forum. Congratulations!
  5. Great bag! Congratulations!
  6. Fantastic! Congratulations!
  7. congrats!
  8. Awesome! She looks great on you, congrats!!
  9. looks great! i *know* what you mean...i was on bloor last weekend and was like "i'd like this...and this....and this..." time to have a tpf bloor shopping trip!
  10. Awesome purchase, congrat's.
  11. Congratualtions!

    Bloor St. can be deadly. I don't go very often but when I do.....
    My Visa has been cut off twice after shopping sprees there. Oops! Too many purchases in a short time.
  12. You lucky girl. LV's are so addicting!!
    Congrats and rock those bags :yahoo:
  13. Congrats, what a classic!
  14. congrates I love this bag ... oh I have not had a new bag since xmas , but being a student now I can't afford one :sad: ...... But am so pleased for you
  15. wow! good for you! i bought an azur pochette today, so i guess our bags sorta have the same 'birthday' ;o)