Second Interview on Friday: Tips / Help / Advice appreciated!

  1. Thanks!
    I haven't experienced this before so that's what's making me nervous :smile:
  2. Just wanted to let you all know that I didn't get the job. Found out on my birthday, how lovely ;)

    Oh well... hopefully something will come by soon
  3. So sorry! But you know, there's something different and even better out there for you! Just believe it.
  4. Thanks!

    It's hard to believe sometimes but all I can do is keep trying to move forward. I hope that I hear something soon.
  5. It's all you can do.. and try not to let the disappointment undermine you. When it comes to job searching, sometimes you feel like you're spinning your wheels and not getting any traction and other times it suddenly rains with opportunities. I don't know how the market is there in Germany (though I hear it's getting bad in Europe now), but it's been terrible here in the U.S. so this is an issue many of us have been dealing with. Not fun. But you just have to try your level best and something will happen eventually. Just try not to get burnt out or let it make you feel down.
  6. OP,

    just believe that will be something just right for you.
    i too was struggling with my job....i had a really good opportunity last summer but i didn't get the offer and till few months ago i got my current job. allocate about 30 minutes a day into your job searching, sending out your resume and keep doing that until you find something better. i was doing that for almost 2 years....i hope you'll find something soon...
  7. I'm sorry, Sternchen, that stinks. :sad:

    Keep your head up and keep plugging away at your job search. Something's bound to come along for you! Best wishes :heart:
  8. Thanks guys. I'm pretty bummed but oh well, what can ya do? :smile: That's life!
  9. Awww, I'm sorry Mel. I know how much easier something so close to home would make things for you.

    I've been stuck in jobs that I detested and sucked the life out of me. I know how miserable it can be.

    Something will come along. :heart: