second hand luxury brand or new non-'designer'?

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  1. I am between two thong sandals - love those - or and there is of course always the option NOT to buy.... haha.

    anyway, so it is either a slightly used luxury brand pair or a new non-designer (kwim?) one. they are both metallics, although slightly different. the first one is very different to my other thong sandals, the second typically my style. oh, and the first one might work out cheaper.

    what I keep thinking is that the luxury brand will hold up longer, but is that just me being snobby?
  2. I generally think metallics look nicer when they are more expensive, but like you sometimes I wonder if that is just me being a snob. I would probably go for the slightly used designer shoes.
  3. Me too....I'd go second-hand for sure!!!
  4. I will only buy new over used when it comes to shoes. For 2 reasons
    1) don't want someone else's foot funk
    2) I want it to form to my foot and not be formed to someone else's.
  5. I have to agree, I would go 2nd hand. The quality is so much better I'm sure!
  6. I would love to see a picture of the two choices.
  7. If the two shoes are comparable in terms of your liking, I'd lean towards a new, non-premium designer pair.
  8. I didn't have a picture for the first one but the second one is very very lightly used - it hasn't formed yet to someone else's foot. btw, I ended up getting that one - because I already have a non-luxury brand sandal and although it is cute the straps slide down the whole time so I have to stop and pull them up again... annoying!

    the one I ended up getting is this one here on the pics - I know a lot of people aren't crazy about this style but it suits my needs perfectly, plus is reasonably stylish (I already have super stylish but not wearable from Prada) and it was such a steal in the end (eBay auction).
    mk platform gold brown.jpg
  9. V nice! I do think that luxury brands do better-looking metallics, in general.
  10. I will defenitely buy new one. I dont like second hand stuff.