Second hand bags

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  1. What do you all think about buying a second hand Chanel bag?

    I know there is nothing like the feeling of going into Chanel and buying a brand new bag but I've seen a couple of good deals on authentic second hand bags and would like to know what you ladies think.

    If you've ever bought one do you have the same love for it as you have for your other bags?
  2. I have bought some Chanels from a few friends that moved on to newer or different bags, and I actually bought a six series bag from a seller on ebay. I love them just as much!!!
  3. I have some kind of mental block I think. Unfortunately.
    I haven't been able to bring myself to do it for some reason.

    I think everything would have to be just right, like I'd have to have tried it on first, it'd have to be someone I know from here, the price would have to be amazing, etc. . . .
    and the stars just don't line up like that very often I guess.
    The only other scenario would be if I could see it in person, like at a consignment store, and I don't go to them so I'll probably never buy re-sells.

    I'd LOVE to save some money, but it's an 'issue' I can't seem to get around :sad:
  4. I really want to buy on ebay, but I'm more of a first hand buyer. I'll sell things I don't want and occasionally I'll buy on ebay. But it's not really something I can see myself do on a regular basis.
  5. ^pretty new pic Erika!:heart:
  6. I would have no problem buying second hand as long as it is in excellent condition and authentic and a great deal of course.
  7. I feel the same too, I don't have a Chanel bag yet but that's what stops me from buying a second hand bag...
  8. When I lived in NYC I felt like Swanky mainly because everything was at my reach... the stores, the sales. Now that I have moved to Granada, Spain it's impossible to find anything I like and I have started looking into buying from online consignment stores. There are a few that I have seen here on the forum and I take a peek from time to time at their sites. I am still terrified of eBay. :shame:
  9. I don't mind getting bags from eBay, especially with the help of the Authenticate This sticky! My college tuition is still my main priority, so eBay takes care of my Chanel cravings (for now).... But boy, the horrors I've seen! You really have to know what you're doing and what you're looking for! It pays off when you find that ONE bag you've been looking for at a decent discount, in brand new condition. I love my eBay purchases dearly, as much as the ones I've paid full price for. I'm sure some of you believe that buying at the store with all the service and glitz is an experience in itself, but to me, just having the bag is wonderful enough. :rolleyes: :heart:
  10. I'm a bit like Swanky, I'm afraid. I need to see it, feel it and wear it in the store to get a sense of what I'm buying.

    However, I would consider buying a bag (I have previously checked out in a store) from someone on this forum or someone from this forum that sells on eBay, because I now know how the posters here value and baby their bags. I guess if it was only used once, or twice it would be ok...

    (I still need someone to guide me through the 'who is who' on PF and eBay. If I can't figure it out, I'm just saving money on a purse I really don't need, so that's good too... :smile: )