second hand bag shops in Singapore

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  1. hi once again im researching for the best buy in singapore!
    Does anyone know of any second hand designer bag shops there ? if you do please inform me of the address, as im going there so0n. Oh yes and if you've been to them please state the bags and the style ( if you can remember them ) too.
  2. There are quite a number of second hand bag shops here. Most of the bags are used ones and are being resold. If I'm not wrong, there's one shop at Far East Plaza, Orchard Road. Can't remember the name of the shop. Try to look around. Words of advice: Don't buy from flea markets....they're fakes.
  3. The above recommended sell authentic bags. But just to be more careful, check the details, ask for authenticity card and how old is the bag. Overall, I recommend you to buy from the Chanel Boutique itself at Ngee Ann City, Orchard Road. There's only one Chanel boutique here. They are branded new, 100% authentic and if you dress well, you'll get good service from the Chanel staff itself.
  4. Hmm i heard there is a second hand store in ngee ann city too?
    do you know anything about that ?
  5. thanks! this was great info. :biggrin:
  6. Huh...? Obvoiusly, no. Ngee Ann City is such a high-end mall. Only luxury boutiques available there.
  7. at what floor of far east plaza?
    n where can we find balenciaga bags in singapore?
  8. Not too sure which floor. You can find balenciaga bags at Hilton Hotel at Orchard Road. You might want to give it a call at 67338270. It's the first and new balenciaga flagship boutique we have here in Singapore.:nuts:
  9. Came across this one in Lucky Plaza. Was told that they have a website with photos of their bags ..... .::Welcome to Bagzaar!::. - Home
  10. I think there's one at Peninsula Plaza (near Bata) and another one inside the Raffles MRT station.
  11. 1)The one at Far East Plaza sells fakes! Have seen fake B-bags and Gucci's there. Its on level 2. The one at Capitol building is the outlet. I shall leave the name of the shop unnamed.

    2)Level 3 also has one, called Branded. Mainly chanel and LV.

    3)Try also Far East SHOPPING CENTRE. Called the Attic Place.

    4)Raffles City MRT, look for Madam Milan.

    I am also a Balenciaga lover. 07 swatches and bags not in yet...
  12. I'm still a little skeptical with buying bags secondhand unless vintage and/or a very rare find ... how much are the prices usually of both the newer stuff and the older stuff? Do the bag prices ever appreciate - and if so, when? Do any of you know?

    Sorry, lots of questions - I've been told I'm rather inquisitive and often irksomely so. :shame:
  13. Hey, thanks for the useful info!
  14. I will only buy from people I know... Maybe I am very much a clean freak... I don't carry my bags into the toilet and you'll never find my bags on the floor! I usually ask for an extra chair in restaurants.

    Older stuff will only be higher if for some obscure reason, everyone is frantically looking for it...

    LV bags appreciate. Only if you are buying new from a boutique, not when you are selling a used bag.
  15. Stefeil: YES you are righjt.I'm pretty confident the one at Far East plaza sells fakes (knowing/unknowingly?).This is the shop on the 2nd floor, near the turkish restaurent.The outlet is at the bldg beside Capitol near Gramaphone CD shop.This one definitely sells fakes...passed off as rejects/factory outlets piece :hysteric: ...!!!! They do have some nice authentic pieces...but I'm already put try not to venture in there.

    Attic Place is at Far East Shpg Ctr...Level 4/5 I think...its got a nice selection but the bags are rather poorly taken care of in the shop (dingy & dusty!).& I've heard horror stories frm my colleague tt it unkowingly takes in fakes (an Hermes kelly *gasp*:cursing: and a Bbag city which I saw personally and Yes its FAKE!).

    Madam Milan is at Raffles Xchange (above Raffles Place MRT) and its a bright & cheery shop.Good selection and well taken care fakes yet!

    There's also one shop at the following address [Tanglin Shopping Centre #01-45 or Dhoby Ghaut MRT #B1-14]...not too sure of the name tho. The Tanglin shop has mostly LV and Hermes, mostly on consignment.Good reseller.

    Interesthing shop at #04-01P Bugis Point 530 North Bridge Road (Opposite Bugis Junction Bread Talk) Icon Trendy Zone Singapore 188747 Tel: 6884 4589. Mostly LV...

    Hope this helps....:wlae:

    PS:Nope...swatches are not out yet... a few days ago I heard tt it'll be in by!!!!:hysteric: