Second guessing my new Chanel! Need feedback!

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  1. After days of anticipation, my very first Chanel just arrived! But... I'm having second thoughts! :cry:

    It's a small white on black cambon tote which I thought was super cute when I got it in Vegas last week. I tried on the medium tote but it was just too big for my petite body. And the pochette was just too small. I thought the mini tote was a good compromise even though I was already kind of second guessing because of the lack of zipper. Nevertheless, I bought it and they shipped it to Indiana where I'm from because of the sales tax. Now that I finally got it, I thought I would be jumping for joy. Instead, I keep worrying about the lack of zipper and that it's just too small for the price I paid. :hrmm:

    I don't know, I might come around and just learn to love it, but I was wondering what my options were if I wanted to exchange it. There's a Chanel boutique in Chicago right by me. Am I allowed to exchange it there even though I bought the bag in Vegas? Or do I have to call the SA in Vegas and exchange through the mail?

    Also, IF I decided to exchange, I was thinking of maybe getting the bowling bag instead. Does anyone know what it retails for? And if there's different sizes? I would appreciate any feedback you guys can give me! :flowers: Hopefully, I will snap out of my funk and just keep the tote to avoid all the hassle! I'll keep you guys posted!
  2. how much did you pay for it?
  3. If you bought it at a Chanel boutique I'm sure can exchange it at another Chanel boutique. Now, if you bought it a NM or Saks Chanel then it's different.

    My cambon bowling bag is $1195+ tax.

    Don't keep the tote if you're not in love with it. It's way too much money to be less than satisfied.
  4. oops! that wasnt my entire comment.

    if you paid retail and you aren't happy with it (which doesnt seem like you are) then I would definitely return/exchange it for the bowler. If I'm not mistakened, there are three sizes for the bowler; mini, regular ($1375) and the overnight bowler bag.

    imo the small tote is really small! i wanted it when it first came out but that was because $1000 was the only amount i could turn over for a purse, i never wouldve chose it if I had an endless supply of money.
  5. i agree. don't keep it if you are having second thoughts. if you bought it at NM you can still return it to any NM. Saks i am not sure. Jill, were are you?
  6. Mello, I paid just over 1000 for it. I think 1095. Thanks for the price, I think I can only go for the mini bowler price-wise. The minis aren't discontinued are they?

    Pursegal, is it the standard 14 days that I have to exchange? I bought it at a Chanel boutique inside the Wynn, so I might call up the Chicago store tomorrow and see if they have any bowling bags. Is the bowling bag you have the mini or regular? If it's not too much trouble, do you have any pics?

    I hate that I'm having second thoughts...I mean, I love the small tote, but I can't help but think I might be happier with another bag.
  7. OMG i visited the Wynn this month when i went and loved it. 14 days sounds too little time. call your local Channel boutique. i hope it works out for you.
  8. oh wow! i thought you mightve gotten it from the Saks sale.

    the mini bowler is really small, just a little bit bigger than a pochette. doublec has a mini bowler and Eileen (pursegal) has the regular bowler that retails 1375 now
  9. All Chanel boutiques in the US have a 14 day refund/exchange policy. If you buy from one Chanel, you can return it for exchange or refund at another Chanel boutique. But if you buy from NM then you go back to NM, Saks you go back to Saks. And both NM and Saks don't have time limit on their return policy.

    I also say if you don't love it, then return it. But I know sometime you just start to love a purse more and more, like my white caviar classic flap...I was going to return it coz I had 2nd guessing too, but I also cannot part with it either...I couldn't give it up after like 2 weeks, so now I decide to keep it.
  10. Oh wow...I don't think I can afford to get the regular bowler. I can pay a couple more hundred to be more happy, but 3 is pushing it.

    I didn't realize how small the mini bowler was, Mello! Is it bigger than my tote? Maybe I should just stick with my tote....arghhh! See all this second guessing! LOL! What do you guys think would look better on a petite person? Mini tote or mini bowler?
  11. I think mini bowler is actually smaller than mini tote! And the regular size bowling, I found it not too comfortable to carry on my shoulder so I actually sold it on ebay a few months ago. I think the mini tote actually fit more than the moni bowler. And if I remember correctly I think the mini bowler is quite pricey, not much less than the regular bowler. I would stick with a mini tote if I have to pick one, and I am petite too! Only 5'1".
  12. Hmmm.... I think I need to research a bit more now! LOL! I hate implusive buying because I always think things through AFTER! I think if I have time tomorrow, I'll stop by the store and see what they got. Thanks for the feedback everyone! :rolleyes: I'll keep you posted!
  13. Hm, that's a lot of money for that little bag. If you had gotten it at Saks and paid a cheap amount ( I know they are discounting this bag 30 plus 40 percent) then I'd say keep it just for fun. Otherwise, if you dont love it, return it and get something else.
  14. hikarupanda. same as you, i bought the cambon bowling but found it not that comfortable on shoulder, so i sold it to my friend. maybe i'm not that in love with it...

    arialrose, if u really not that in love with the bag, then better exchange it. i think mini bowler and pochette is quite small for daily use (at least for me). :smile:
  15. Success! I went to the boutique today and got the white on black medium tote! You guys were right...the mini bowler is WAY small and the regular bowler sat on my shoulder kind of weird. The funny thing is, when i tried the medium tote in Vegas, I thought it was way too big, but today, it looked FINE! I think i might of misunderstood and tried on the large tote in Vegas. Nevertheless, the SA was really understanding and everyone there said the medium tote was a better fit for me, not to mention a better deal than the small tote. I'm so happy now! I can't wait till it arrives this weekend so I can start wearing it out! Thanks for all the advice guys! ;)

    P.S.-My mother went with me and got a gorgeous bag too! I can't remember the name, but I know it's one of the new bags from the fall collection.