second guessing first purchase.

  1. I'm getting my first chanel next weekend... after my summer classes end. Anyways, I've been set on the medium classic flap in lambskin w/ gold hardware. I work at Nordstrom so I hope to purchase from there and joyfully use my discount.

    Anyways, after searching threads and stuff, I'm starting to grow hesitant about lambskin since everyone seems to say that it's very fragile and that it "scratches" very easily.

    So basically please just either confirm me of my purchase or sway me? I'm not going to use it everyday... but still I don't want to be freaking out about it every time I take it out... you know?


    I call up a store and buy it through the phone, do I pay that store locations tax? Yes, right?

    What is the whole "new chain" thing? Does someone have pictures or can explain?
  2. Lambskin is not that difficult to take care of...I personally love all of Chanel's lambskin bags. I choose lambskin over any other material.
  3. I think the lambskin is absolutely amazing. But I am nicknamed "miss bumps" for a reason. So I tend to purchase the cavier. I also am like you and would freak if I accidentally put a scratch on it. So I guess I am swaying you to buy the cavier LOL. The new chain is all metal, no leather going through the loops. And the chain is tighter. Try the reference forum, for some pics. But congrats on you new purchase.
  4. before i bought my chanel lamsbin wallet i wasnt a fan of lambskin, not becasue i dun like the material but because i'm afraid of scratches and have to babysit it.

    but after i bought the wallet i was like wow not as sensitive as i thought. i put my wallet in my bag with keys and so far so good. no scratches as all.

    good luck with yoru choice
  5. The caviar is more durable than the lambskin but the lambskin doesn;t scratch as easily as you would think. I personally like caviar but if you like lambskin and are not planning to use it everyday, then a lambskin will be fine. Hope that helps.