Second doubts...

  1. KOOB-WY146_V1-BIG.jpg KOOB-WY145_V1-BIG.jpg
  2. They're both lovely bags. Stay confident with your decision! :heart:
  3. ahh thank you!
  4. I like the bag in the first picture, but I agree with kore...go with your first choice.
  5. I like the Ginger more:yes:
  6. ahh thanks so much! ya i purchased the bag in the first picture, the ginger... but it makes me feel better after hearing all the comments :yes: !
  7. thank you thank you
  8. I like the first one!!!
  9. ahh thank you!

    that's so cool that you're nerdphanie's mom... maybe i should get my mom to sign up on this, too -- except that she has trouble even finding the "power" button on her computer :smile:

    welcome to TPF!
  10. I vote for the Ginger...I've been kinda fond of that one myself but just ordered a Kooba Paige yesterday....Gotta stop somewhere! (I keep telling myself to no avail.)
  11. Ahh thank you!
    Congrats on the paige! I was looking at that myself last night... it's such a gorgeous bag! The leather looks amazing! Is this your first Kooba?
  12. msleex3, yay! it always helps to have a little reassurance, doesn't it?
  13. Definately the first bag. Great choice!
  14. yes it does! which is why i'm so glad there's a forum like this... all of us helping eachother!
  15. thank you RTone!