Second Dior .. Reveal .. But...

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  1. hi everyone .. Been wanting to own a flap bag to add to my collection .. Been eyeing this bag for awhile and finally pull the trigger ..

    My problem is i've been wanting Chanel Reissue as well .. and i can't get it out of my head ..

    Been carrying this bag at home just to get the fell of the bag on me ... its really a beautiful bag ...
    I am a very casual person and i know i dress this bag up and down ... but it seems it's too formal for me ..

    Do I keep this bag or return ??
  2. Congrats!!!

    Which one do you love more? Personally I think this bag is stunning and less commonly seen (at least where I live) than the chanel reissue. Depends on what you're into. I think this bag is timeless and the blue is so fresh.

  3. Thanks na294.. i hardly see this bag on the streets that why i love it too.. To be honest i'm still confused 😔..
  4. What a beauty!

    Even though I am a Dior Addict, I suggest returning the bag and getting the Chanel. Seems like your heart is still set on the Chanel, so you'll probably keep thinking about the Chanel till you actually get your hands on one. It may be better to buy the Reissue first (before another crazy price increase), and then buy the Miss Dior later if you still want it.
  5. I think this bag is beautiful, but if you still think of the Chanel reissue then maybe you should return the Miss Dior for now. Personally I don't find it too formal, but it depends on your comfort level.
  6. So pretty, have to say the chanel although fab is seen way more than the dior.. so I'd say stick with the Dior :smile:
  7. I think everybody wear Chanel but really not much people use Dior, I would say Dior is much more picky than Chanel. I mean I can wear Jean T-shirt to go with Chanel, but for Dior I really need to thinking about what should I wear.
    I love Dior more than Chanel, Dior's quality is much more better than Chanel.
  8. I would keep the Dior. In my opinion Dior makes better-quality handbags plus they are less common to see. The colour is also beautiful. I wear my miss Dior all the time.
  9. This is a very beautiful bag. Love it very much!

    But it looks like your heart is set with Chanel tho.
  10. Your Dior is gorgeous. But it seems to me you are still on the fence so I suggest you get the Chanel. :smile:
  11. Thanks everyone for your input .. Decided to keep the bag ... Used it over the weekend and loving it ... with the Chanel, DH and i talked about it and agreed to get it in december .. i know ita a long way but i can wait ..☺️☺️☺️
  12. Beautiful color :loveeyes::loveeyes: congrats
  13. :heart: this color. wasn't available in my boutique but i got the cross body clutch in this color and I LOVE IT! if you want classic neutral color flap maybe Chanel but I think dior does offer some pop colors better than Chanel! especially in lambskin
  14. This is a beautiful bag and the color is to die for but if you have doubts you should go look at the Chanel again and see if you like it better.