Second Cut 40-60% off at YSL stores

  1. Second Cut Sale 40-60% off at YSL stores. Was at the Houston Galleria yesterday and saw a O/S Muse in purple and caramel, a large muse in purple and a medium (or small?) muse in caramel. All 50% off.

    Saw a calf skin downtown in brown (with pocket) at 60% off.

    Several cinch (sp?) was also on sale but I didn't look at the price.

    None of the patent leather bags were on sale.

    Happy New Year.
  2. wow these are huge markdowns! I spoke to an SA yesterday and she quoted me prices that seemed to be less than 40% off - haven't done the math, though.

    do you happen to have prices?

    ETA - that's the same discount that I was told too. The medium Tribute is 60% off (799 down to 479), the medium DT is 50% off (1595 down to 799)