Second Cut 40-60% off at YSL stores

  1. Secnd Cut at 40-60% off going on right now at YSL stores. Was at the Houston Galleria and saw a purple O/S Muse for 50% off. They also have the purple muse in the large size for 50% off. Also saw a O/S Muse in caramel for 50% off. They also have the caramel muse in small or medium (the size was really small so I wasn't sure what size it was).

    Also, a calf skin brown downtown with pocket for $899 (originally $1895). Another one in the lighter brown color without pocket at 60% off.

    Happy New Year!

  2. wow...where is the boutique u are talking about??? in hk, the only downtown on sale are without pocket!!! i love the one with pocket..