Second Chloe Accessories Line in Japan?

  1. Does anyone know anything about a second accessories line that is only available in Japan? :shrugs:

    TIA for any info! :flowers:
  2. Yes. I think there are also some bags only available in Japan. I will try to find some photos.
  3. I was in Japan all September, and I browsed the Chloe departments in the big department stores, but I didn't see anything unusual, or extra rare... Many black bags, and very expensive too.
    I was impressed from the nice sa s, they were very eager to please me, and they were never tired to show me every single thing in stock. (this was a very common thing though, they are very good at their jobs, all the sa s in every store I went!)
  4. Chloe signed a contract with a Japanese manufactuer allowing selling items with the Chloe brand made for Japan. Very much like the Burberry blue label.

    Here is a link to a taiwanese site. Divide the prices by 30 to get approximate US price. I believe the actual prices selling in Japan will be at least 20% to 30% cheaper.
  5. Someone just bought me a blue label Burberry, it just look cheap and not worth the money, rather spend more on a proper Burberry.
    So the Chloe exclusive bags for Japan must be cheaper versions, you only get what you pay for. :smile:

  6. That's great, acshih, thanks so much! :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:

  7. True. :yes: