Second chances

  1. Every now and then, we resist the urge to immediately have that one H item that struck our hearts and live to regret it...
    If it hadn't been for you ladies and a great SA, I'd have missed out on my shawl.

    Post here your most wanted can't-find-anywhere item (that is not a bag) and let's help each other find them (eventually)!
  2. The SHOOTING STAR CHARM LOCK in GOLD~~~ (must be new though)
  3. Shooting star charm in palladium
  4. Black and White Bolduc Twilly
    Black and White Letters d'Hermes Twilly
  5. I received a beautiful scarf from Hermes today here is a pic. [​IMG]
  6. Wow, purse I really like that scarf! I might have to go pick one up later..
  7. Some of these "most wanted" charms are on eBay for a huge premium! =O
  8. That's it but I'm too cheap to pay a premium. :sad:
  9. I hear you. I could get the twilly I am looking for if I was willing to spend $200 but I am not so I go on without it. At least now I am sure of what you are looking for.
  10. that's a gorgeous scarf!!
  11. You're not kidding- that's a big premium for that charm!
  12. Dang, that should be an incentive to unload unused charms!:nuts: Anyways, here's another thing I'm looking for: the fuchsia twilly.
  13. Kou, NM in Palo Alto! I posted a thread on this earlier... They had quite a few!
  14. Oh! Do you think my store will be able to do an interstore transfer on that?