Second chance over on kate spade sun tote, would you take it?

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  1. Hi All,

    So I bid on the Alexander Girad sun tote bag from Kate Spade a few days ago and lost the auction, but now the seller sent me a message saying the winning bidder never responded to their messages so they are offering it to me for $39 plus $12 for shipping. I have always liked the bag, but I wanted to know if anyone else has this bag and if you would accept the second chance offer? I am curious to know from anyone that does have this tote if it is easy to keep clean and a big enough size for you.

    I'm a little nervous about the seller because they have 0 feedback, but I know everyone has to start somewhere. Here is the link for the listing:
  2. I would never accept a second chance offer--too many scammers use this method and if the seller has 0 feedback that's a bad sign.
  3. That is what I was worried about too...and this may be totally weird, but the seller's id name is "trimpimp" which is well...kind of odd to me and not very professional sounding, KWIM?

    Thanks for the advice, kwitthyy!
  4. Sorry I jumped the gun and responded before really thinking. I clicked the link and saw it was relisted as a one day auction rather than it being a second chance offer email kind of thing. Something that comes to mind though, is this bag authentic? I apologize because I am not very familiar with Kate Spade purses, but for only $39, it seems very low. Again, I don't know a lot about this particular bag but it seems odd, especially coming from a seller with only zero feedback. :shrugs:
  5. That is the other thing, I don't know if it is authentic. I don't own any Kate Spade bags, but I tried to find as many pictures as I could of the real bag and it looks like it is. It is not brand new and is an older style, so I think that might be why it is going for a lower price. I have watched one of the larger totes in the same style that was NWT go for $149 the other day.

    If anyone else reads this and knows anything about kate spade bags, please chime in!
  6. They were selling these bags heavily discounted at Neiman Marcus Last Chance at the end of last summer. They had bags that looked just like this, so it is possible that the seller bought it very inexpensively. I hope that helps a little!
  7. Thanks for the info!
  8. I wouldn't- no offense but that bag kinda creeps me out :shocked:
  9. ^Haha, none taken! I decided to pass on it. I decided that I really don't need a bag like that right now.
  10. not really a fan...