second chance on eBay...need advice!

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  1. i put in a last minute bid for this peony tote, but i lost. eh, whatever, i thought, until the seller messaged me saying he had another one of the totes and offered me a second chance. i also noticed that this bag is coming back in may (from the Macy's Coach catalog thread).

    my question is, do i get this bag now, or do i wait until the next PCE and try to order the bag then? it is worth it? is this bag even real? i've only seen pink peonies :shame:
  2. It's possible that the seller has more than one of the same bag, hence the second chance offer, but I'd be leery. It's also possible that it's a scam SCO or that the auction was shilled to get the price higher. Me? I'd wait until the next PCE or keep my eye on eBay.
  3. I would get it authenticated before you buy :smile: I looked at that auction earlier today!
  4. Wow - pretty bag! I didn't realize the peony totes came in anything other than pink. What is the retail price?
  5. i'm not sure...the one coming out in may is $328, but i'm going to assume this was one of the limited edition totes. or, it was from japan. i contacted the seller about the missing zipper pull, and he said he called coach japan about it. come to think of it, why would he have two of the same totes, both with missing zipper pulls? hmm...
  6. I think you answered your own question there.
    Hope you get one soon!
  7. I would stay away from that seller. That name has come up quite a few times on the authenticate Coach thread in the past. I honestly have no idea if there have been problems lately but I'm always cautious.