Second chance offers

  1. Do they really exist or are all second chance offers a scam?
    I mean, if i get one directly through eBay and i can pay for it through paypal - that's probably legit, no? :confused1::sweatdrop:
  2. Yes, second chance offers really do exist. As long as it's offered through e-bay anyway. The thread about the scammers was basically saying people are getting PERSONAL e-mails from "sellers" saying they got a second chance offer and are asking you to pay through different venues.
  3. yes I got it through eBay, didn't even check my email yet, so that's cool. thanks! :wlae:
  4. ohhh maya, your bird and ipod girl are so cool :nuts:
    the sasquatches too.
  5. Thanks. :smile:
  6. Are the sasquatches toki characters that I have missed?
  7. They are on the foresta print.
  8. bottom of the tree

  9. thats a nice print in the back :biggrin: gotta :love: the monkeys
  10. Do second chance offers come if the other person forfeits winning? And do you have to take it and pay for it?
  11. Second chance offers are at the sole descretion of the seller. They don't have to do it. Second chance offers are basically a way for the seller to sell their item either to another bidder if the person who won can't pay or if they had a reserve and no one met it they can sell it to the person who got closest to the reserve price, etc... But you don't have to accept it if it's offered. You can definitely decline.
  12. Thanks! I just realized this was the Tokidoki forum too. :push:
  13. I remember a beautiful foresta mamma mia... I was outbid the last seconds and one user with 0 feedback won :crybaby:and the purse was so overpriced.

    Next day... I received a second offer... but i decided not to buy it cause it was so strange...

    And I've had many second offers and I've never buy the item.
  14. I've had legit second chance offers that I've taken and it worked out. You just have to be careful!