second chance offers...

  1. Quick question - if you have a bad feeling that the winning bidder is NOT going to pay; based on message communication AFTER (grrr) the auction was concluded - how long do you wait to extend the 2nd chance offer to the next bidder?

    Oh, and I do not state a "pay-by" deadline in my auctions, had never felt the need - and have always recieved pymt promptly without issue.

    Thanks ladies and gents!!
  2. I would wait however long eBay rules give the buyer to pay (I think one week?). That way, the buyer can't come after you for not fulfilling your end of the deal. Hopefully, one of the long-term eBay sellers will chime in too!
  3. The buyer has 1 week to pay. I usually send a nice reminder message if I don't have any communications withing 3-4 days or so. After 7 days you can file s NPB report and the buyer cannot come after you or submit feedback against you.
  4. Thanks guys! I thought that was the case, but my husband keeps telling me to contact the 2nd bidder now, I think I should wait, after all - if the WB does come through I would hate to disappoint #2.
  5. 7 days girl! :biggrin:
    I'd warn the first bidder as well, I'd tell them I'll be offering it as a 2nd chance on ______ day.
  6. Yup, if first bidder doesn't want to pay, let them know you will be extending a second chance offer to another bidder and make sure you get an email back that they are okay with it. I had a bidder that wrote to me and said they changed their mind after they won. I extended a second chance offer to bidder #2, who took it. After I had shipped out the item to bidder #2, bidder #1 writes back and says they've decided they want it after all and that I have to go through with the sale. I told them I still had email records that they were okay with me extending a second chance offer, and they backed down. Some people are finicky; just make sure you cover your butt. Good luck!
  7. I would let the second bidder know that the item might be available. Then contact the first bidder and ask if they are going to pay. If not, it's up to you - you could file a mutually decided not to complete transaction.
  8. eBay gives the buyer 7 days to pay. after that, you are free to second chance it