Second Chance Offer

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  1. Me again, I bid on a bag about an hour ago that was ending, and I walked away from my computer about 5 minutes before the listing ended and completely forgot I was bidding. :cursing: But Within minutes of the listing ending I get a second chance offer on the bag. I REALLY want this bag REALLY BAD! But It concerns me that if the buyer has that many on hand it might be fake. Granted I have sold two of the same bags but weeks apart if i was lucky enough to find another. Here is the listing and the bag. Input would be appreciated~~:tup:
  2. Are you sure it's from the seller and not phishing? I had a buyer contact me telling me that she'd been offered a 2nd chance offer and I hadn't sent her one. I told her to report and change her password

  3. Good Point. I'll Contact the seller and ask them if theyve sent one. I swear Its to the point where I dont want to bid on anything!:tdown:
  4. 've sent second chances to people when I've discovered the winning bidder is out of the US and I ship only to the US. Contact the seller and ask.
  5. If the second chance offer came through your email and not through your message center it's probably a scam
  6. I wrote the seller and she said she had more than one. I wrote her again to make sure it was real leather not faux (because they sold this bag on Amazon for only79.00 and it was faux leather. Not the one Im looking for. No response yet..................
  7. So I got response saying she doesnt know if its real leather or not (which makes me think its not and that way she can say she never said it was real when I complain. Can anyone tell from the pics??? GRR I just want the real deal!
  8. 1st off, sounds like she's trying to be shifty. She sold the 1st one and has another but she's not wanting to do another auction? Am I getting that wrong?

    Another thing, you know that they have that bag on right?

  9. WHat NO!!!:drool: DUH to me! Thank goodness I really didnt want to buy it on ebay anyway thanks varried I owe ya:love:
  10. I'm glad you can get that bag elsewhere..when somebody says they don't know if it's real, it's usually a total fake...
  11. Varied I couldnt find it. I might just be THAT slow
  12. All you need to do is look at this seller's FB link thourgh Toolhaus (provided in above post) and know you do not want to do anything with this seller -- second chance or ANYTHING. Astounding number of negs and neutrals that add up to one thing: Scammer selling merchandise that is not described or damaged and also claiming to send stuff and it not getting to buyers. A definite NO in my opinion. Plus I think the purse in question looks like a cheap fake!!!!!
  13. MMMsc I checked her feedback on Toohaus (Love IT) and I decided I didnt need to deal with that! I Like that bag But I wanted a good quality bag made with real leather. I guess its back to the drawing board trying to find my new Fav. Bag.