Second chance offer?

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  1. Hi all-

    I am not a frequent ebayer, but had some listings recently. One bag did not sell b/c the reserve was not met, but a lady emailed me offering just shy of what the reserve was and that she'd make immediate payment via Paypal if I do a second chance offer for her. However, her max bid was lower than the offer in her email. Can anyone tell me how I do a second chance offer for what her actual offer was, rather than her highest bid? Do I place it in the message part? Help- I really just want to sell the bag!

    Thank you!
  2. how if you relist it for her with BIN and payment immediately required? If you do second chance offer and her bidding amount is lower than her offer, she'll be able to force youto sell at the price she bid, in the case she's bad faith.
  3. ^ Good idea. But it looks like you have to have 5 feedbacks to do a BIN? I literally NEVER eBay and I have a whopping total of 3.
  4. Yes, I think need at least 10 fd to setup BIN. How if you relist it with open bid and once she place her bid, you'll be able to ended early.
  5. ^ I think I'll do that. I thought about maybe trying to do the second chance offer and playing w/ the invoice and raising the shipping up to the difference in price, but that may not work. I just don't know though. I think I'll email her back and tell her I'll relist and do it that way. Thanks!
  6. Yes, I usually can't revise my invoice, too :s

    Good luck :smile:
  7. You can just go directly to PayPal and send her an invoice for the right amount (request payment option). All you need is her email address.
  8. You could also do the SCO and then on the invoice where it says seller discounts or something like that you can put a positive amount there and that will INCREASE the total and vice versa if you ever are discounting something to lower the total you just put for example -10.00
  9. Thanks all! I did the second chance offer and then sent an invoice for the additional amount. Both are already paid, so far, so good!