Second Chance Offer

  1. Ok, I'm still new to eBay and have not received any second chance offer so far, this is my first time. :shame: How do I know that it's genuine? I've heard so much about fake second chance offer, it's kinda scary... :sweatdrop: The seller sent me an offer and told me that she actually has two of the same item, and asked if I'm still interested in it. If I accept the offer, would I still be covered by eBay, since the listing was obviously for the buyer who had won the bid and not for me, if that makes any sense. :push: Shouldn't she open another auction or something? :shrugs:

    Anyway, just hope you guys can share as much info on second chance offer as you can so that I know how it works. Thanks!
  2. As long as the second chance offer came through eBay and not just your e-mail it should be okay. Log on to eBay and make sure. I took a second chance offer one time and had no problems. When I accepted the offer it was just like winning the original auction.
  3. Check on your my ebay page and your my messages through ebay, if it is a valid offer it should appear in those places. If it does not appear there, and it is only an email you received then it is not a real second chance offer. A real second chance offer should be a new listing for you and you would be covered by ebay.
  4. :yes: Oh, thanks! This is the answer I needed. ;) Anyway, I've checked my ebay message inbox and yes, I do have the offer from ebay. And I've messaged the seller just in case and she did say she sent it to me. :p

    Well, actually I only need to know if I'm covered by ebay. So in this case, it's like opening a new auction, but it's just for me? How about the seller? How does she pay the listing fees? Does she pay one or two listing fees then? :shrugs:
  5. Yes, you will be covered by ebay. It is like the seller opened a new auction, just for you. It will even have its own item number. The seller doesn't have to pay a listing fee to make the second chance offer, but the seller will pay the final value fee if you accept the offer. I often do second chance offers if I have two of an item and the bids go pretty high because it saves me having to wait another week for the second one to sell and I don't have to pay the listing fees all over again.
  6. Thanks for the info! This makes much more sense then. :yes: :p