Second chance offer: what about the original winner?

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  1. #1 Feb 1, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2009
    The original winner of my auction had to suddenly back out (I think she's sincere, lots of feedback and all positive.she said some personal stuff came up and asked if I could make a SCO to the next bidder, but promised that she'd pay if they didnt accept). Well life happens right? So I made the SCO to the next bidder (still very good price yay) and she accepted it. So great! But now what me and the original winner (Emma) are wondering is -- how come the listing still shows Emma as the winner? She says she still sees herself listed as the winning bidder and the paying options and stuff are still there for her. Can we just ignore the thing? I'm fine with it cos I got a buyer.
  2. You need to send a mutual areement not to complete the sale to the first buyer through ebay...once she agrees it then she will no longer be obliged to complete the sale and you'll get your final value fee's back from ebay.
  3. Oh, so if I don't do that, I'll be charged final value fees for BOTH the original listing and the SCO?
  4. Yes, you would be charged for both transactions - so it is really important to file with Ebay that the two of you have mutually agreed not to complete the transaction.
  5. Oh I see.So could I just say "I want to cancel the transaction" and then say we agreed not to complete? Will Ebay refund me for the one transaction then?
  6. Yes that is correct. Choose mutually withdraw and then it will ask the buyer permission to cancel.