Second chance offer...should I buy it???


Dec 17, 2006
Well the REAL seller replied to the note I sent them and they did NOT send me the Second Chance Offer!
I can't believe I almost got conned! :cursing: But thankfully for all your helpful suggestions I didn't! :sweatdrop:

I actually got a reply from one of the so-called 'sellers' when I emailed them for more information and why the winner didn't purchase the bag from them. This was his response:

I have begun this offer because the winner of my auction withdrew his bidding and was rejected due to security reasons. There are a lot of bidders who bid on the auctions for fun and I hope you are serious and we can make a clear deal.
In order to make the transaction legit so we can be able to exchange feedback once
completed i have to get in touch with eBay SCO Department. I need to provide them the following details:

* your complete name
* your complete shipping address
* a phone # where you can be reached by the shipping agent

I'm located overseas for the moment, in United Kingdom because my little sister is getting married and i couldn't miss this once in a life time moment. She found her true love over here in England. I have to stay here for at least two weeks.
Must inform you that I have the item in the custody of the shipping company in the US, who helps me every time to ship the goods to the buyers addresses. A 100% serious company and i have a contract with them. Regarding the shipping insurance,who protects my items from any damages on the way to the buyer, i can inform you that they are already paid. Shipping in US and Canada is covered by me so don't have to be worried to pay extra charges for delivery.So the total and final price you need to pay is US $750.00.
Once you provide me the requested details (full name, address and phone #) i will
contact the eBay SCO Department and they will do the rest. They will send you the
rest of the instructions and info regarding this SCO process. You need to follow the instructions exactly so we can be both protected by their Purchase Protection and Refund program. Positive feedback is assured once everything is fixed up.

Thank You and along with the requested details email me with any other questions you may have!!

All the best,

Adam & Clark, Inc.
Structural Engineer
Department Of Construction Consulting

Anyways I'm going to report them to eBay and leave it up to them...but honestly though, I still can't believe how real the Second Chance Offer emails looked like! All the links were legit and it looked like it actually came from eBay!

I'm so happy and relieved that I posted this here for some feedback...THANKS EVERYONE!!! :smile:


Young Broke and Fab
Dec 10, 2006
Yeah - the new scam is 2nd Chance offers. I have had four of them in the last month -- surprisingly two came for the SAME item. Ebay is looking to rework its 2nd Chance offer deal b/c of the scamming. I suspect that in the near future, they will require some additional codes/log-ins.

However, it seems that Ebay mae getting too big for its own good. With the rampent fakes, scamming and cons going on, I find myself shying away from them only to protect myself and my bank account.

Sad really......