Second chance offer...should I buy it???


Dec 17, 2006

I've been given eBay's Second Chance Offer to purchase the City in rouge theatre (2005) (based on silver tag) for $750.

eBay: Genuine BALENCIAGA Women's Shoulder/Arm Handbag Red (item 280062817901 end time Dec-27-06 19:01:29 PST)

What do you think? This will be my first bbag and I've never spent this much on a bag, let alone this much on eBay! I'm now a little leery because there was 3 higher bidders than me and none of the bids met the reserve price. I just find it weird that no one else decided to buy the bag via the Second Chance Offer.

Please let me know what I should do!

Thank you!
I would make sure it is a real second chance offer and not a fake phising email.

How do you know if it's a legit second chance offer and not from eBay? I actually got 2 seperate emails regarding this auction and they each had different emails for me to contact them...which made me question it....
Yeah, since this was not a private auction, scammers could easily contact you with a fake second chance offer. Did you check your ebay messages yet?
Go directly to your ebay and look in your messages. A real second chance offer will be in your ebay message area not just sent to your email.

Sorry for not replying sooner but I had to step away for awhile.

Unfortunately I received the Second Chance Offer last week and I was cleaning up my Inbox in my eBay account so I don't have it anymore. :sad: I only have the notifications in my email account.

But thanks for the suggestion!
I never trust 2nd offers, even if it is in my Ebay account. Makes me wonder why the first person passed it up.

The first REAL 2nd offer I got I almost jumped on it, but dug around a little more and realised it was a really good fake :wtf:
Hmmm........I'm think this is a little fishy. Firstly, the bales look square to me - perhaps it's the angle, but if you are interested please ask for a better picture.

Also, I agree with you in regards to the reserve not being met at $815 and the number of bidders - seems strange. Perhaps I'm too cynical but def. ask the seller is the offer is legit and ask for better pictures if you're interested.

Good luck.