Second Chance Offer~ REVEAL ~ Want to See?

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  1. I PROMISED myself after my big splurge last month (my Inlaid Sabrina) that I would not buy another bag for a long, long time! BANNED! HAAAA!

    Then I saw this baby on the bay. She is so “atypical” and a little "out of the box" for me …..But the more I watched her the more I loved her ……so I just had to give it a shot! With a few seconds left in the auction I bid, but lost.

    Then a week later I get a “second chance offer”. It was meant to be :yahoo:

    Want to see inside the box???

  2. ahh my first reveal!!!
  3. lets see it... woohoo
  4. me!!!!! open her up!!!
  5. Okay clue...She is bigger than a bread box ....

  6. Yeah, another reveal! Can't wait to see what's in the box:thinking:
  7. A live one! Woot!
  8. This will help!!! Peek at the strap!

  9. Lets see!!
  10. More help ... Guesses??

  11. This will give it away!

  12. The ultimate clue!

  13. wow, cannot wait to see
  14. Abbey?
  15. Close.....


    TA DAH!!!!