Second Chance offer on ebay: this does mean good? Try to buy Fendi spy

Please make sure it is a real second chance offer. It should appear in your my messages on ebay.

About authenticity, you can post in the fendi subforum under the authenticate this thread.
Hi there

You may be better posting this in the authenticate this sticky at the top of the fendi forum or asking one of the mods to move it for you as there are some experts there!

First of all - make sure the second chance offer is genuine - ie look at it in my ebay as there are a lot of spoofs out there!

Also I would be be a bit reluctant ot buy off someone with such low feedback but then I am super paranoid!!

Also it seems rather cheap - I mean these bags retail for about 2k - why would you sell it for $850

She also hasn't had any transaction since July which would make me a little wary!

I personally wouldn't but it is up to you! :yes:
Wow! This Fendi Spy bag looks real to me. I have one myself, so I have something to compare. Every key clue has checked out for me. The only suspicious part is that who in the right mind will be willing to sell a brand new $2K Fendi Spy bag for only $850? We are talking about a popular Fendi Spy that is still selling in the store and also can fetch at least $1600 to $2000 on eBay.
I am curious about what the Fendi forum will say about this Spy (will be surprised if they spot anything wrong with this bag). I think if it were me as the buyer, I would contact the seller and get more confidence from the questions/answers.