Second Chance Offer - Help Me Please!!!

  1. That's a gorgeous bag bella! :nuts:

    Another PFer told me that the 05 paddies have plastic zippers (not silver) on the inner pocket. So it's more than likely an 05. Not sure about the bluish zipper coz I haven't seen an 05 in RL. So wait for another opinion to be sure.

    But judging from those pictures, it couldn't possibly be fake. (hope someone else agrees). So I think you got yourself an awesome deal!

    Just make sure the pictures belong to the seller and that she didn't steal it off someone else. A good way for you to tell is to ask her to write your eBay username on piece of paper and take pics of it with the bag! Also, did she tell you why she offer you a second chance offer so quickly? It's barely been a few days.

    If all is well, I think you got yourself the best deal I've seen yet! :girlsigh:
  2. Why is the seller emailing you a second chance offer? Did the winner not pay? Does she has two of the same bag? That would be odd.

    I'd ask her more questions first.
  3. ITA.:yes:
    It looks genuine to me from the pictures though, just be wary.;)
  4. whoa.... it is gorgeous! :nuts:
    Pay by paypal credit card and get it! Good luck!:yahoo:
  5. seems like a good price...did you get it????:nuts:
  6. The seller says the first buyer insisted on paying by wire transfer so she wouldnt sell it to her. I've got more pictures and it looks totally genuine. I'm jsut a bit cautious as I dont know exactly what colour the creme 05 was.... beacuse I heard the creme 06 was fairly dark and not too popular...
  7. Did Vic B have an 05 creme? I remember seeing her with one...
  8. it's a sable and the technical name on the chloe tag for the 05 is sable, not creme.... creme is 06. Sable has a pinkish undertone. I would definitely get it... Aside from the stock pictures, it does look authentic :nuts:

    Get it!!! :yahoo:
  9. Really? It doesnt seem to be pinkish in the pics. Interesting...

    Oh and PS. - I BOUGHT IT!
  10. congratulations bellacherie! that was a GREAT deal!
  11. Congrats again bella!!! You got yourself a great deal there! Hopefully it all goes well!!!
  12. Next time please post these types of questions in the Authenticate This Chloe thread. Thanks!
  13. Sorry jag, I was trying to get responses on the condition and colour of the bag, rather than the authenticity...
  14. Congrats!!

    I *almost* bid on that myself (but the seller's feedback put me off, that and out of the US was just too much trouble to deal with if ended up badly).

    Please keep us posted on the bag!!! It looked TDF!! And what a steal!