Second chance offer from a seller

  1. Hello,
    I'm not very used to eBay and this never happened to me.
    Yesterday I bid on a poster but were outbid. Today I receive this message from the seller:
    "A strange email from eBay leads me to beleive that the winning bidder is unable to pay for the poster. If you still have an interest, you may have the winning bid. Hope all is good, Greg"
    What should I do? The price is the maximum bid I offered, so I would be ok with the price, the seller has 99.8% positive feedback with over 3072 feedbacks and is a powerseller.
    I really like the poster and it's almost impossible to find it at a good price on eBay.
  2. As long as the transaction takes place through ebay (ie you receive an official "second chance offer" email from ebay and not just an email offer from the seller), I would feel safe taking it.
  3. Yes I received the email from Ebay.
  4. i think it would be okay since he is an established seller and make sure you do everything through ebay and paypal. there does seem to be a lot of non paying bidders these days and maybe one got him
  5. Just be careful to not to go through any links on the email, rather log into your eBay account and the Second Chance offer should show if it is legit. I've received several fraudulent second chance offers before, luckily I contacted the original seller through eBay and they informed me that they didn't send me those offers.
  6. Yes if you see the second offer change in your Ebay account, it should be safe.
  7. Thanks. I think I'll contact the seller before making any payment
  8. ^^ Good plan, all sounds safe if the messages are identical and to be found in your Ebay inbox but always best to be cautious. Second chance offers though are legitimate and provide the same protection as if you had won the auction, so all will hopefully work out well for you.
  9. Yes, agree with other, if you decide to take the offer, click it from your eBay inbox and prior to contact the seller :smile: