Second BV

  1. I've got an ebano sloane which is very easy to be taking care of. Now, I want a second BV. Please vote:
    1. Large Campana in ebano (ebano again???)
    2. Large Campana in camel (the new light beige)
    3. Large Veneta in noce (light brown)
    4. Large Veneta in red (It is not a bright red, so I think it is a scala not a carmino)

    Veneta is such a signature bag, but I found Campana very spacious. Please help me decide. :sweatdrop: Also, please share if a light color BV, limo or camel, stain easily. I do hate dirty corners on the bag.
  2. I would go for the Campana in Ebano, but since you already has one in Ebano, then it will have to be in Camel.

    I used to be wary of light coloured bags but not anymore, especially since seeing most of Ms Piggy's BVs in light colours. Yes, you will have to be very careful when you carry a bag in Camel as against one in Ebano but I don't think I'll lose sleep having to be too careful.

    Good luck and have fun in getting your second BV, soon after this, you'll come back for advices on your 3rd, 4th BVs.....
  3. Welcome to the BV forum!! Veneta in noce or campana in camel, both are lighter browns to contrast with your ebano sloane. The veneta's shape is different enough from your sloane that it may be a nice change, but you are right, the campana is very spacious! Have fun trying them on and deciding!

    I have the campana in limo and wear it everyday. So far after 5 mos of almost dailywear, no smudged corners or stains, just some darkening on the underside edge of the handles where I hold them. I do not baby my bag but I do not abuse it either. Water marks fade as soon as the leather dries, and I have surely tested that in some nasty downpours! It recently accompanied me on a business trip and came home with no stains and only one faint scratch which was my own fault. In hind sight, I should not have taken it with me (airports, many public bathrooms, etc), but it held up far better than some of my other bags would've.
  4. If I were making the decision based on color alone, I'd vote for 4. Scala has all different shades in it, I think it's the autumn equivalent of old Petra in its adaptility/mutability.

    But maybe since you already have a Sloane, the Veneta might be too close and you'd prefer the Campana?
  5. how about a large black campana?
  6. I vote large black Campana! Don't buy another ebano, too similar. From your list (if black is not an option) go for the large veneta in the scala!
  7. I would also vote for a black large campana. But, if you don't want black, then I would go with a large noce veneta.
  8. I think you need a color that is very different from ebano, so any of options 2, 3, 4. I'd probably pick the veneta in noce, just because I like that shade of brown and I'd be too worried about ruining the camel one.
  9. I would go with Option #2, large Campana in Camel. Camel is another color that I have been drooling over this season beside Carmino.

    Phyllis, where did you find veneta in Scala? I have only seen Scala in Sloane at Saks.
  10. looks like i wont be any help---all the choices are great. if i absolutely have to make the ultimate decision; i would go against all advice and say get a carmino veneta if you can. such a pretty color!
    i love red and it's easy to go with anything
  11. I would go with the campana in nero(black) or ebano or the red veneta :heart:
  12. Java_addict, is the picture on the Saks website fairly accurate for Scala? The picture on of scala is completely different, and there are no pics of scala in the BV catalog. If it is close to the Saks picture, I love it!!
  13. I found the Scala Veneta in Hong Kong at Harbour City. I think it is a Scala because it is a very subtle red, not bright red. I will check with my SA for the name of the color.

    Since quite a few people vote for black campana, I will definitely check it out again. I have many black leather bags, but BV looks different, right?
  14. OB, I was hoping that Scala IRL resembles the color shown on However.. the color is closer to the one shown on If you are getting something in Scala, it's better to check it out in person first. The color does not have the 'POP' effect that Carmino has.
  15. Thanks, java_addict, I was afraid of that since I have not seen any pics that resemble the color on I am intrigued that scala was compared to Old Petra as far as the uniqueness and changes based on lighting and leather type. Now I will really have to check it out!