Second BV: which style and color to get??


Which 2nd BV to get?

  1. Campana (small) in ebano

  2. Ball bag in ebano

  3. Montaigne in ebano

  4. Sloane in limo

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  1. Hi all, I got my first BV (large veneta in quarzo:heart: ) a couple of weeks ago, and am already looking for my next (will buy in a couple of months, hehe)! Which one do you think would make a good second BV bag? And which color should I get it in? I have a poll with a few choices but feel free to suggest others! TIA:flowers:
  2. I forget. Is quarzo a pink color? If so, ebano would be a good color choice and it seems campagna is a popular choice. I also saw a beautiful limo tote the other day and that would be my second bag if I had a choice!
  3. Ebano all the way! I'm loving the Campana style these days.
  4. How about this? Ebano Sloane :devil: It's underpriced by 5% which makes me think it's a smaller size since Styledrops is usually overpriced...but aren't they authentic?? Looks like your dream bag is available! (maybe just get it from BV via the personal shopper or store) :wlae:


  5. wow, i didn't know the sloane came in ebano!
  6. Love that ebano sloane, it's such a pretty color, or any other bag in ebano or other neutral color would be nice since you already have a pink color bag.
  7. I wish I could get them all! haha...right now I'm thinking either sloane or campana in ebano.
  8. I say Campana or Ball bag in Ebano. It would be a great addition to the seasonal, lighter Quarzo.