Second BV Anniversary

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  1. #1 Apr 25, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2014
    It was about two years ago that I bought my first BV. Shortly after that, I found this site and my full-blown addiction began. (This is second only to my addiction to sugar.) Mousse found my next bag(s) yesterday when she identified the New Gray for fall. In full disclosure, I was logging in every half hour as I waited for her plane to land so she could post the photos. it's a bit obsessive.

    (In anticipation of this, I have reduced my current bag collection down to 3. I wasn't using the others and I think when I got bitten by the BV virus, I started buying without really thinking and chose several colors and styles that weren't really practical for me.)

    The challenge is that the anniversary is now and fall is a long ways away. I don't even know when the fall bags will hit the website. So, as everyone here has more experience in this than I do, is my best bet to: wait until I see the new color online; start calling Carmel (my nearest store); drive over to Carmel and terrorize them in person; wait for NM in Stanford to get theirs; or is there a better option? Thank you for any advice you can give me. As you can see, I need it. :smile:
  2. Well, the good news is that this newer grey is part of the Summer 2014 collection so we could see it within the next month. Granted 30 days can be a friggin' eternity!

    I think you are free to stalk, whine, be frustrated, freak out here. Hey that's what this place is for. I would Carmel ONCE and say you're interested in the new grey. Tina and David are so great and conscientious that you WILL DEFINITELY GET A CALL the day it comes in.

    As for killing time, eeh gads, that's a toughie. I've bought five bags in four months. Sure, sure I've sold to stay 1-in-1-out, but holy cow, other than my Bolide (2002) and Knot (Feb 2013) I've not had a single bag more than a year. So I am going to try to slow the heck down. But I have decided I simply must have a Rete tote. I'm hopeless.
  3. Good to know that it's only a month. Earlier I emailed BV and just got a response. They didn't specify the New Gray but did say that Early Fall will launch June 15th with some styles appearing earlier.

    I will call Carmel today. Thanks for that tip. I don't know about the 1 in 1 out thing. I think that sometimes it's "a bunch in" then "weed out based on current needs." I am fairly minimalist compared to most people but I would never accept that I had to limit paintings to one per room. And, I'm a total Elsa Peretti addict, but at least jewelry is small and easily contained. Now that I'm retired I have more time to indulge in shopping...I don't know if that's a good thing or not.
  4. The 1-in-1-out only applies to tshirts and bags. I agree, one painting per room, doesn't seem like enough. My former neighbors had a huge art collection and art everywhere and I loved the vibe of the place.
  5. Is the newer grey part of summer collection?

    I also want a Rete tote, but the small size. What about you? I asked my SA to find me the small Walnut Rete tote. There were only two pieces when she checked in the system here, but both were kept for customers. :cry:
  6. Yes. It would appear we will see the grey in summer.
    I would get a dark color as I would use it for travel and when I need a big tote.
  7. Grietje, not sure what size you like. I like the small size. I will be able to see the new colors at the end of May as BV is holding a special event at a department store here.
  8. Whoops, sorry. I'd get the large one and use it for travel. The medium Cabat gets filled up easily.
  9. Diane, I'm thrilled to be your BVette enabler. We need to get together again soon. My biz travels are crazy through the end of May. I can't get the Ardroise Tread Cabat off my mind...
  10. Isn't this interesting? The treatment on this Ferragamo looks a lot like the tread...