Seborrheic Dermatitis

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  1. Anyone else suffer from this? :cry:

    Mine started with a small patch in my hairline and around my ears, tbh, I didn't pay much mind to it, but it spread. I've always had oily skin, but not really thought before now it could be something more than genetics.

    Have been throwing all sorts at it, from ketoconazole to apple cider vinegar and it's certainly helping, but progress is slow and frustrating.

    Am currently using La Roche Posay physiological wash 2x a day, which is helping, Sudocrem at night, Eucerin or La Roche Posay Toleraine in the day, with ketoconazole every few days (it dries out my skin far too much if I do more than that) and a swipe of diluted ACV if the flaking gets really bad. Right now, the flaking is certainly reduced, but I seem to be chasing it from one place to another. I get one spot under control, and it shows up somewhere else.

    What breaks my heart is I'm a total makeup junkie and can't bear to think I'll be limited to using non-comodegenic products only and no decent, anti-ageing serums/moisturisers for the rest of my life.

    Having read up on it (obsessively), it seems there isn't a one size fits all solution, but if other members could share what works for them and if it's limited their makeup and skincare choices forever, it would be great to hear.
  2. Were you diagnosed by a dermatologist? I just recommend following the recommendations from your dermatologist.
  3. Have you tried all natural products? I used to get psoriasis on my scalp line and still get it every now and then. I use Ora's Amazing Herbal face powder scrub and face oil serum and I don't seem to's even reduced redness on my cheeks. What has the dermatologist suggested?
  4. Are you sure that you are not washing your hair too much? I have seborrhea and can definitely feel your pain, it is so hard to keep under control!

    What works for me, I wash my hair three times a week and use ketoconazole shampoo only once a week. If my condition is really bad, then I use it every time I wash my hair until flaking stops. I use eucerin as my face cream and like it a lot, and if I have dry patches in my skin, I usually put some mild kortizone cream to the dry parts. So my routine is very simple, I guess I have been lucky that it has been enough. Stress makes my condition worse, so I try to stressful situations.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions so far!

    Yes, I've been diagnosed by my doctor and they recommended steroid cream but I didn't want to go that route, so we went with Daktarin and that made things worse. :hrmm:

    I haven't heard of Ora, so I'll see if I can get it here in the UK. The La Roche Posay stuff is all pretty natural and clean.

    Tuia, I only wash my hair 2 or 3 times a week max, so it's not that. I like Eucerin, I used to use it a lot a few years ago when I was using retinols.

    I guess I'll stick with what I'm doing for now and give it a few weeks to see if it works, but ugh, it's so slow and so disheartening, I hate leaving the house with flaky skin. It's not truly awful, but *I* know it's there, and it feels like I'm going to be stuck with it forever. :cry:
  6. I'm a physician and if you were diagnosed with seb derm by a dermatologist then the medically indicated treatment is a steroid cream and it should clear you right up. The over the counter products that you are using are not prescription-strength and not really targeting the problem which is why you aren't getting good results and still see flaking.
  7. My newborn has this. We've been seeing a dermatologist and the only thing that's been working is a steroid oil and cream. We are also given a prescription for a Antifungal for his entire body since they think that a fungus is what might cause.

    I tried lots of natural things on him prior and his skin remained flakey with red patches. We changed his detergent and use a eczema cream 3x a day then the steroid and Antifungal twice a day. His skin finally looks like a baby's. What I've tried: almond oil, coconut oil, aveeno for eczema, weleda white mallow, cetaphil for eczema. We use cerave cream on him now. We also use cerave cleanser. I've also read on forums that emu oil is suppose to work but I never tried it. Good luck though. It's a awful condition and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.
  8. Unfortunately, we don't have the benefit of dermatologists access easily here in the UK, it's down to doing what your GP suggests (steroids) or helping yourself. :sad:

    I really want to avoid steroids, the majority of the eczema and seb derm forums are full of people saying how steroid cream initially helped and then made the problem a hundred times worse. I'm kinda leary of steroids full stop, so I'm hoping to find an alternative.

    I'm reading a lot about how vitamin D and UVB can help, so trying to spend more time outdoors and seeing if that helps. Gotta be worth a try!
  9. Yes, it's caused by something called malassezia furfur - kinda cute name for something so horrible. :Pullhair:

    I've read a lot about Cerave, might have to give that a go! :smile:

  10. If you are looking for an excellent dermatologist I can recommend Dr Dinesh Maini. His focus is not on recommending unnecessary expensive laser treatments but on treating your condition simply and effectively. They have clinics in London and Nottingham.

    Best of luck in finding a solution!
  11. Thanks! I'll definitely check him out. :smile: