Sebaceous ("epidermoid") cysts???

  1. My dear 37-year-old hubby who has always had the clearest, smoothest skin his entire life, is now suddenly dealing with a face full of sebaceous cysts! They are pebble-sized, not painful, and skin-colored. You can't see them unless you look really hard, but if you touch his skin you can feel these tiny, hard little pebbles.

    They appeared suddenly within the last 6 months. Has this ever happened to anyone? How did you deal with it? His dermatologist says if they bother him cosmetically, she can remove them all surgically, but that'd leave little scars all over his face. Not an appealing idea, especially since ya never know if more cysts might appear later.

    Does anyone have advice on this? Thanks!!
  2. I don't have advice--what the dermatologist said is right. My sister had a bunch on her back. She had them removed and yes, she has scars. They're small, but she's self-conscious about them.

    Wish I could say something more encouraging. She said they couldn't tell her what causes them.
  3. Thanks, boxermom. Your sister's derm said exactly what his dermatologist said. Sigh. I feel bad for him because he's getting really self-conscious. :sad:
  4. I can only imagine, with them on his face. Best wishes. Do they ever spontaneously go away?