Seaweed tablets anyone?

  1. This all sounds good but I have a habit of reading what I want to read sometimes, does anyone have any knowledge of this type of product?

    1) Red Seaweed accelerates your metabolism, by providing optimum nourishment to the thyroid. You lose weight even if you continue eating and exercising in the same regular manner.

    2) Red Seaweed helps reduce your risk of breast cancer. Researchers have concluded that a diet low on sea products and high on fat have a greater risk of developing cancer, in special, breast cancer. Western diets (specially in America), have contributed to a breast cancer rate that almost triples that of Japan. Kelp intake regulates this dietary deficiency.

    3) Red Seaweed prevents Hypothyroidism. Sea vegetables, specially Red Seaweed, are nature's richest sources of iodine. Red Seaweed can help keep the thyroid gland healthy.

    4) All types of Seaweed are nutritional powerhouses. They contains almost every mineral and trace mineral necessary for human existence. It also contains amino acids and vitamins. Therefore, Red Seaweed consumption avoids the mis nourishment so common during dieting.

    5) Red Seaweed helps lower hypertension. Consumption is also correlated with lower rates of heart disease. Several of its components, including laminine, are responsible for this effect.

    6) Red Seaweed promotes toxin and fat elimination through the feces. This contributes to a healthier digestion and weight loss.

    7) Red Seaweed is an extraordinary aid fighting menopausal symptoms: Weight gain, mild depression, low energy, loss of hair, loss of libido and muscle weakness.

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Products are intended to support general well being and are not intended to treat, diagnose, mitigate, prevent, or cure any condition or disease. If conditions persist, please seek advice from your medical doctor.
  2. I've never heard of red seaweed, but the benefits sure sound good. Is it a vitamin capsule type of thing that you can buy at the drugstore?

    I'd be leary of ordering something like this off the internet, but if it's in a store, I'd feel comfortable trying it.
  3. Yes it's a capsule, but I'm waiting to find out if it's a gelatine capsule or not since I'm veggie!

    I searched for some today about reading how Posh is having seaweed/algae shakes and how good they are for you.
    Next time I'm in a health food shop I'll see if they stock it.
  4. Oh, yes, that would be a good idea to see if it contains gelatin. Although, I'm not a vegetarian, I won't eat anything containing gelatin. :smile:
  5. I am pretty sure all of this is true. I used to take seaweed pills but for the life of me I can't remember why.
  6. I just found some Kelp tablets which sound like they do the same and they're veggie suitable too :yahoo:

    They're from Holland and Barrett, not sure if that's a global brand or not
  7. Holland & Barrett is a UK store but they are owned by an American company and also have stores somewhere in Europe but can't remember country (go by a different name)

    Kelp is not quite the same what you were looking for but "green foods" ie seaweed, algae, spirulina etc all do pretty much the same things