Seaweed rolls..what do you put in it?

  1. I just started a phase with seaweed wrapped with white rice and drained canned tuna.

    It's soooo goood...although carby, it's still less fattening than having a burger or other fast foods for lunch!

    I also like to cut up spam/corned beef and roll it with rice too. ( masubi)

    Do you guys have any other recipes that you wrap in seaweed paper?
  2. I love seaweed wraps too. How bout cucumbers, avocado, fried egg strips, fish cake (the pink kind), spinach, fried carrots, thin beef strips, etc. Maybe not all at once but a couple at a time it's really good. I've never tried tuna. I'd have to try that. In hawaii I had the best cooked fish sushi ever!! I never found a place like that again. Raw sushi is good but the cooked one has some more flavor in a way.
  3. i love to make salmon rice ball with seaweed wrapped on the outside. it is one of my bf's favorite snack.
  4. Yeah, like paintednightsky said, try some veggies or do it Korean style. Put in seasoned meat, egg, spinach with sesame oil. shredded carrots, and maybe daikon radish, yum! It's all about texture and variety.
  5. hm... grilled unagi (freshwater eel) and imitation of crabmeat :drool:
  6. I put rice, salmon, cucumber, cod, crabfish meat and daikon radish in mine. So yuuuummy!
  7. Shrimp tempura and other types of tempura, radish sprouts, egg, crab, salmon, tuna/mayo...