Seau Sangle - does it hold a Macbook Air

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  1. I really really want a crossbody Celine Seau Sangle for work. I have a few other totes that can hold my computer, but the seau sangle seems like the perfect crossbody. BUT, can someone confirm (and better yet, share photos) of their seau sangle with a mac book air inside?

  2. are you referring to the small size sangle? what's the size of your macbook air?
  3. MacBook Air is standard size. About 13”? Open to different sizes of the bag. Assume it’ll have to be one of the bigger ones?
  4. i don't think you can wear the bigger sangle cross-body unless you change the strap.
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  5. Limited Sangle that came with two straps, one canvas and one leather. The leather one is adjustable and is crossbody
  6. Yep. Was planning to change the strap if necessary. That’s one reason I like the Sangle!