1. I'm going to Seattle over Labor Day Weekend w/my BF. I'm looking for recommendations on restaurants, places to see, and of course shopping! :yahoo: (Hehe, I've already found out that there's a Barneys).

    I can't wait, I haven't actually been to the west coast before!
  2. I personally haven't been to Seattle in a while, but my mom and sister just went a few months back. And the first thing they told me is that the Barney's there is kinda small and didn't have too much. But you never know, they might have more stock now. But there is a Nordstrom there which they said was quite nice!
  3. Hey, that's awesome, winternight! I hope you will enjoy your visit to the Great Northwest.

    If you want to go shopping you've got to hit Pacific Place and the flagship Nordstroms in downtown Seattle.

    Pacific Place - The Ultimate Shopping Experience

    What kind of restaurants are you looking for?
  4. I'm looking for a mix of restaurants, some casual places as well as some higher end spots for dining out at night. It would also be fun to go out for a drink somewhere chic but somewhat laid back - like heels a fabulous purse and jeans - if possible.

    Its good to know that I should check out Nordstroms. Too bad about Barneys - I love that store.
  5. There're lots of neat restaurants around Pike St. (by the water) in downtown Seattle, very near to the Nordy too if I remember it right.
  6. Tillicum Village
    Space Needle
    San Juan Islands cruise
    Pacific Science Center
    Mt. Rainier tour
  7. University Village, Bellevue Square Mall, EMP, Westlake Center, Pikes Public Market.........
  8. If you are into festivals then our most famous one BUMBERSHOOT is over Labor Day weekend at Seattle Center and it is a 3 day party! Kanye West will be here but for a complete lineup go to!
  9. if you're just here for the weekend you should check out bumbershoot. It is a relaxed fun music/art festival over 3 days...if the weather is nice. Bel square is the best shopping particularly if it's raining.(it's indoors) there are great little shops in pioneer square and down by the pike place market. LV just remodeled and the store is beautiful and right down the street from barneys. If I could do one touristy thing besides the market I would do a dinner cruise but not tillicum village if the weather is nice. Downtown Kirkland is fun and has some great little galleries. Just pray for great weather and then Seattle is awesome no matter what you end up doing.
  10. Personally, I feel Bumbershoot is overrated - very crowded and very similar to other all the other summer festivals in Seattle.

    On the downtown dining front - are you a meat eater? The Met Bar and Grill for beef or oysters. Rated one of the nation's best steak houses. :yes:
  11. Great/ fun restaurants:
    -The Pink Door in Post Alley is fun and has a nice outdoor area with a Seattle view
    -Metropolitan Grill
    -Six Seven (great waterfront view in Edgewater hotel)
    -Flying Fish

    Don't miss out on Pike Place Market - theres some great finds there.

    Hope you enjoy and have a great trip!
  12. I would check out the Eastside ...The Slip on the water in Kirkland has peanut butter hamburgers. Bellevue Square has some hip shopping and McCormicks has the best food.
    I would also check out some of the shopping on Capitol Hill.
    I really think the best classic food is at Pallisades. Great location, view and food. Pike Place Market is fun for about an hour...Also, check out Uwajimaya Seattle

    The best dim sum in town is in Chinatown at House of Hong The House of Hong Website
  13. by the way.....jeans are great anywhere is Seattle. I forgot to mention El Gaucho! And the world's best chop chop at Palomino next to Barney's and close to LV
  14. For restaraunts, I agree with Needanotherbag about the Pink Door, Etta's near Pike Place Market is good too.
    Barney's in Seattle is disappointing if you have been to the one in NYC but Pacific Place and the Nordstrom flagship store are great for shopping.
  15. Yes!! I second (third!) the votes for Pink Door and Etta's near Pike Place Market (Seattle waterfront). Palisades is a little more away from core downtown but has a gorgeous view looking back at the city and one of the marinas.

    Also, Salty's on Alki...fabulous seafood. It is in West Seattle, a little more of a drive but has an amazing view of downtown and is famous 'round here.

    Again, all us Seattle girls wish you the best for your trip - welcome and enjoy!! Our weather is usually pretty good around Labor Day but check just in case :yes: .