Seattle-Vegas-Scottsdale-Denver Updates

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  1. OK, I can't stand it. Who has new information on these stores? I'm too excited about the prospects of FOUR new west coast stores opening hopefully within the year! And since I don't live in any of these states, I need my kindred spirits for updates and news!! Let's share here!
  2. I would love to know as well. I will be in Scottsdale in March, but I don't suppose it will be open by then.:s My DH does go to Seattle quite often though...I'll have to make a trip with him when H opens there.
  3. There's another one scheduled to open in vegas? Where?
  4. ^^ At the Wynn
  5. No new information on the WA location other than it will most likely be in the Bravern in Bellevue where Neiman Marcus will be, and that it will happen sometime in 2009. I'm pretty sure it's happening as it seems as if staffing is already being planned for the location from what I gathered in conversation with an SA.
  6. From what I know,

    Bravern (Seattle) isn't set to open until July 2009, so Hermes will open at earliest then.

    Scottsdale's Hermes is set to be in the Barney's wing expansion, which won't be completed until the spring of 2009, so sometime then.

    Denver's Hermes will open in late 2008, i think around november/december.
  7. Sometimes I fantasize about working for H. (okay - this reminds me of the thread . )
  8. Denver is due to open late 2008 in Cherry Creek North - right across the street from Saks. SOOOOOOOOOO EXCITING! I'm saving up!
  9. :yahoo:Thanks for the information!!......thank goodness I still have some time before they open!!:yes:
  10. I wonder how long you have to work there before the employee discount kicks in? One hour? One day? One year? I would be the most useless SA ever, except to stay on the phone with you guys reporting what is in stock.
  11. ^^ LOL, by just doing that you would prob make more sales then any other SA in the store!
  12. Update on these store openings please!
  13. Wait a second...If you don't have an Hermes where you live, does that mean you don't have to pay tax at Hermes? How does this work?
  14. At any store, not just Hermes, if you live outside of the state and have your purchase shipped to your home, you don't have to pay the state sales tax.