Seattle Trunk Show

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  1. After trying on bags for a half hour I ended up ordering the cashmere hat! Pocket In The City is still possible but I couldn't decide between the flap or the tote. I really liked the expandable and the envelope. The Brooklyn ligne was too poofy for me and the logo got lost in all the patchwork. Anyone else there?
  2. I'm getting the feeling that fellow forum Northwest members are at this evening's champagne reception for the trunk show and aren't back yet!
  3. I'm jealous you got to go! I buy almost all of my bags from Nordstrom Seattle via Denise. She told me about the trunk show and I'm waiting for her to send me pics!
  4. The trunk show is also tomorrow Roey, maybe you could go then. Photos really help but if you could see all those bags laid out just waiting to be played's like being a kid in the candy store!
  5. I wish I could but I'm in Arizona!
  6. Do you need RSVP or can you just turn up?
  7. Just show up today!