Seattle tPFers....Spa recs

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  1. I want to give a gift certificate for a day spa in Seattle, does anyone have any recommendations? I think that Nordstroms has a spa but not sure if there are others that are better? I have this list of spas:

    Etherea Salon Spa
    2001 1st Ave., Seattle WA; Tel. 206.441.5511

    Gene Juarez Salons and Spa
    601 Pine St., Seattle WA; Tel. 206.326.6000

    High Maintenance Skin Care
    1706 Bellevue Ave., Seattle WA; Tel. 206.322.6939

    Hothouse Spa and Sauna
    1019 E. Pike St., Seattle WA; Tel. 206.568.3240

    Jeremey Todd Wellness Spa and Salon
    411 University St., Seattle WA; Tel. 206.262.9000

    Robert Leonard Day Spa Salon
    2033 6th Ave., Seattle WA; Tel. 206.441.9900

    Spa Bellisima
    2620 2nd Ave., Seattle WA; Tel. 206.956.4156

    Spa Nordstrom
    500 Pine St., Seattle WA; Tel. 206.628.2111
  2. Great list! Does it need to be in seattle proper or are the 'burbs OK?

    The Spa at the Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland (other side of Lake Washington) is in a gorgeous setting. Just an idea...

    Woodmark Hotel - Kirkland, WA

    Back in Seattle, Salon Dewi is incredible. It's in the capitol hill area, up the hill from the core downtown - great more funky type of neighborhood:
    .:: ::.
  3. Oh....that's a nice spa! :yes:

    I'm not familiar with the area, she lives in Vashon Island so I was hoping I could get something for her in Seattle, or does Tacoma have any good spas as well?
  4. Tacoma is going to be a little more of a drive than going from Vashon to Seattle, but you can always check mapquest for estimates.

    Not sure about Tacoma spas but here's one I found on Google:

    Salon Metro and Day Spa
    913 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, Washington 98402
    Ph: (253) 383-4002 Fax: N/A

    Visit Web Site

    A prestigious but quietly exclusive day spa Salon Metro offers a collection of face, body and cosmetic treatments for the clients' total well being. Our highly trained staff stays on top of the industry's latest technology. We have the capability to treat all your skin's needs on a personal basis. Don't wait another day to discover the best and most vibrant you can be. Remember the most memorable gifts for giving are those that you would love to receive yourself. Salon Metro offers a selection on services designed to renew your body and mind.
  5. Ummelina's is also good; they're right in downtown. I can't remember which package we got but, once our company treated us there complete with foot massage while sipping on some wine :smile:. Afterwards was a full body massage... ohh, I felt so good afterwards. I wish I could afford to go back.

    Ummelina International Inc
    1525 4th Ave
    Seattle, WA 98101 - 1607
  6. Thanks for the recs everyone! :flowers:

    I think I may have to choose Nordstrom afterall since she said that she loves shopping there :yes: