Seattle TPF Get Together

  1. Hey ladies that live in the Northwest!

    How about a meet up on Tuesday November 7?:idea:

    We can determine a venue based upon consensus.

    Anybody up for either shopping, or drinks or?

    chat later ladies
  2. Ooh might work for me...anyone else?
  3. I leave for Paris the next day, so no go for me. A weekend would probably be better anyway.
  4. that's my weekend, so i could do either....but for what it's worth, i'd opt for mid afternoon shopping over drinks, considering i'd have to drive home eventually (nw oregon).
  5. oh, I would love to go except I have to keep going back to Pullman for my dissertation stuff.. I don't know yet.. but definitely, when there's a more definite date and my advisor tells me when, I will try to see if I can go...
  6. Count me in ladies! But weekends for me typically work better. Or Friday night if we're just going out for drinks. But it's up to the majority!
  7. Shopping starting at 11am?? :smile:
  8. that would be ok with me...noon or 1pm would be even better (i'm not a morning person and it's a long drive.) but i know it's a work day, so whatever you ladies decide. :smile:
  9. Oh bummer...I'll be working that day. Wave at me down in Tacoma. :P
  10. Hey everyone, Weekends are better for me but I could meet you for lunch somewhere. Bluxcape, what is your dissertation on?
  11. Ok, how about we meet at Tuesday November 7th Noon @ the Fairmont lobby! It's a stones throw away from LV and other shopping stuff :heart:
    (It's between the 11am and the 1 pm Ilizibet requested!) :yes:
    I will be the eurasian brunette with the bob, wearing my Bleu Jean HAC :smile::love:

  12. Filipino personality structure.. it is almost close to being done.. I hope... but I still need to keep going back and forth to Pullman coz I hope to defend my paper soon...

  13. Same here. Taking a day off work for a purse meeting just cannot happen.

    Perhaps we'll get one organized for a weekend sometime.....
  14. weekend would be a much better choice..
  15. Ditto